My Family

My family is the nearest and dearest thing to me and if you don't mind I would like to share them and some of our family moments with you.

Leigh Anne

Leigh and Scott

Tacho and Leigh

Leigh, Anai, and Emileigh

Anai in the park

I'm all caged in

So is Penelope

Emileigh Rachel


Scott and Luis

Luis and his monkey face

Aweet Penelope and her red checked hat

Miss P in grandpa's ski cap

Karrie Elizabeth, my youngest
December 18th, 2010 was our family get together and we piled into 2 cars and headed up to Spring Hill to my father's house.  My dad has a larger house on a lake and we met my brothers and sisters there.  We had a potluck dinner and everyone showed off what they could do best.  My brother Tommy deep fried 2 turkeys, my sister Patti brought dinner rolls and dessert.  My youngest sister Elenda brought a pot of homemade chili and the "green stuff". (YUM)  My brother David and his wife Debbie brought stuffing and man was it good.  I brought roasted vegetables and Karrie brought a HUGE veggie tray.  Leigh Anne brought all you could drink.  Cynthia made the best green bean casserole and Carolyn did relish trays.  Mom made garbonza bean soup; April did pies and there was more food than you could shake a stick at and lots left over.  Mom and dad did not have to cook for at least a week.  The visit and time together was wonderful.  We don't get together often and this was worth every minute.  The little ones were wild and full of energy.  I wish I had that much energy.  I wish I could bottle it and sell it.  I'd be a billionaire.  Here's a little of what went on.

EJ and Dad Christmas Get Together 2010

EJ, Emileigh and Mary 2010


Tacho, Dad and Emileigh 2010

Tacho, Anai, Dad, Emileigh and Leigh Anne

Fun and Ganes...Cynthia, Carolyn, Zackary and Scott

Generalions of Family
Bubba, April, Lisa, Sharon, Tommy, Little John, Dad and David

Grandma and Luis

Lisa and Mom

Mary and Lisa



Why Me???

A day in the park is a real treat for the little girls.  Whenever I have my RS presidency meetings, Grandpa takes Anai and Penelope to the park.  Of course he always takes Marina, Penelope's mother, because they are so rambuctious and he would never be able to take all the pictures of them he wants.  In case you haven't noticed, he is a picture fanatic.
Anai-Sliding is so much fun

Look! A great big rock

Going up the slide backwards

Oh yeah!

Is that so?

Sweet Miss P

Sliding really is fun to do!