Sunday, September 2, 2012

Squidge: Little Elf, Little Bear

by Andrew Thomas
Kindle Edition, 15 pages
Published: December 8, 2011
by Proving House
Book Source: Bought
4 Stars


Book Description: How do you hide a polar bear?

Squidge is a little elf who wants to do what the bigger elves do, but when he meets a new friend who needs his help, Squidge decides he is big enough for the challenge. Will he be able to find a hiding place in time?

Mary's Review: Squidge while out playing in the snow and wondering what he can do to grow and to keep from being bored hears a strange snuffling sound and when he can't find it becomes very frightened and runs. While running he trips and falls. Imagine his surprise when he finds he has tripped over the snuffling sound...a very small white polar bear.

Squidge tries to find out what is wrong with the tiny polar bear and discovers that he is hungry-very hungry. So Squidge does what any kind hearted little elf does and he befriends this little bear. He rescues him much like the Good Samaritan. He takes him home and feeds him and tries to find him a safe place to sleep, finally giving him his own bed. Little Elf not only makes a new friend, he has learned to show love, compassion and charity for his fellow being. This is a wonderful story to help teach these virtues.

The illustrations are colorful and so cute that they will more than keep the attention of your child.

I recommend this book for ages 5-8.

About The Author: Andrew Thomas is a primary school teacher in London, England.

Andrew Thomas, a primary school teacher, has been a working with children for the past decade, making up stories and sharing them with his class. He has written the 'Squidge' series of books and continues to add to the story of this little elf with a big personality. He lives in London, England, with his wife and son. This is his first series of books.

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