Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"A Lot"

It was time for Anai's 4 year old check up and it fell on Grandpa to take her.  He didn't mind.  The office staff loved him and were always disappointed when it was mommy,  not grandpa who took Anai.
     After a 30 minute wait in the waiting room they were called into triage.  Anai was weighed, measured and had her temperature taken.  Then she and grandpa were seated in the exam room for another 30 minute wait.
     Finally the doctor came in and Anai was a regular little chatter box. She let the doctor listen to her heart, look down her throat, and in her ears.
     Finally he asked her, "Anai how many eyes do you have?".
     "Two" came the prompt answer.
     "How many hands do you have?"
     Again came the prompt answer, "Two".
      Anai thought this was a fun game and maybe visiting the doctor wasn't so bad.  After all she knew she was going to get Dora stickers or even better Princess stickers when she got done.
     "Okay, very good Anai.  Now how many fingers do you have?"
     Uh oh, now this was getting harder.
      Looking at her hands and studying them really hard, she finally looked up at the doctor and said, "Lots".
     President Halverson the president of the Orlando temple also put it the same way in an address he gave to the sisters at the Sisters in White conference that the Ft. Myers stake in Florida has once a year. .  When he asked what it took to be prepared to go to the temple his answer was "Lots".     The definition of prepared is  "To make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion".     It  takes a lot of preparation for us to go to the temple.  LOTS of searching, pondering, prayer, personal commitment, giving, caring, love, charity, reading the scriptures, obedience and much more.
     As a music lover, I was impressed when President Halverson quoted "High on a Mountain Top" and explained this hymn was telling us about temples.
     It had been a while since I had been to the temple due to continued illnesses, but this was one trip I would not have missed for the world.  I had worked hard to get back there and it had taken "LOTS" to beat Satan to get there.  He seemed to put obstacles in the pathway one by one.  He did not want me there.  It was only after I got there that I knew why he didn't want me or the sister that took me to be there. There was a special work to be done for three sisters who had been waiting a long time for us-not anyone else, but us.  Satan did not want their work done.  These sisters were with us through each and every ordinance performed for them.  They were so happy that their work had finally been done.  As I entered the Celestial room, I knew they were there.  I knew they were golden and the bonds that had held them back had been broken and they could now progress in the kingdom of our Father.
      It had taken "LOTS" to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to make this trip and I learned it was going to take "LOTS" of  work on our  part to keep worthy and stay worthy of the blessings of temple attendance by continuing to be prepared.
     How many blessings do I have as I count them?   "LOTS". How much more do I have to do to be and stay prepared?  "LOTS".

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