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Where Do Insects Live?

by Susan Canizares
Paperback, 16 pages
Published October 1999
by Bt Bound
ISBN-10: 0613178815
ISBN-13: 978-0613178815
Book Source: Bought
4 stars

Product Description: Photographs and simple text describe the habitats of different insects.

Mary's Review: This is a great little paperback book for teaching small ones about insects.
     The photographs in this book are real and very lifelike. They are helpful in showing what the insect looks like and where the insect lives.
     The words are large and easy for beginning readers.
     Another great help is the index listing on the back page of the book showing the page number with the name of the insect on that page.
     Also the last two pages of this book contains a description of each insect and where that insect is from.
     This is a fun way to teach children 4-8 years of age about insects and where they live.

About The Author: Dr. Susan Canizares holds a Ph.D. in language and literacy development from Fordham University and a master’s degree in special education, specializing in Early Childhood, from New York University. She has written numerous nonfiction books for young children, as well as professional articles for teachers and parents. She, along with Dr. Susan B. Neuman and Dr. Catherine Snow, authored Scholastic’s Building Language for Literacy program.


by J. Adams

Kindle Edition, 46 pages
Published May 22, 2012
by Jewel of the West Publishing
Book Source: Bought
Rating:  5 Stars

Book Discription:
     Cosset is a lost soul with nothing left to live for.
     Chance Hunter is a man on a mission. Desperately in love, he is willing to do anything, be anything, and give everything that he is to show Cosset that life is still worth living. He is bound and determined to heal her battle-weary heart and claim it as his own.

Mary's Review:
     Chance fell in love with Cosset at first sight.  However Cosset who desperately wants to fall in love and have a family pushes everyone away.  She has a secret that only her family knows about-one that makes her feel less than a woman.  Can Chance make Cosset see her worth and value?  That someone will and can love her no matter what her dilemma.
He is certainly going to try.
     What is Cosset's secret?  What makes her feel less than a woman?  Why does she feel no man will love her?
     The subject Jewel has written about in this book is one that is very close to my heart personally and I appreciate her bringing it to the attention of all women.
     I feel that with every book Jewel  writes she tries to bring an important issue to the forefront.
     Thank you Jewel for helping to inform us as well as entertain us.

About Author:
     J. (Jewel) Adams stays crazy busy with her family and writing. She has written several books in different genres and is also a motivational speaker to both youth and adult audiences. She home schools her four kids that are still at home, and between that and conjuring up new ideas for her books, her brain is completely fried most of the time. She and her husband Sean are the parents of eight children, which means they are both losing hair, but hey, that's what Rogaine is for, right?
     In her spare time (when she has any) she likes to curl up with a good book and a healthy stash of orange Tic Tacs. She and her family reside in Utah.
     Jewel loves hearing from her fans, so if you would like to contact her to tell her how much you love her books or give her sympathy for the fried brain, or suggestions for the hair loss problem (for her husband, of course) contact her at


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Beautiful in My Eyes

Beautiful in My Eyes

by J(Jewel) Adams
Kindle Edition, 71 pages
Published June 10, 2012
Publisher: Jewel of the West
Book Source:Bought
Rating:  5 stars

Book Description:    
 Giselle Mackenzie has a great life. She is the mother of an adorable little boy, the wife of a painfully-handsome Scotsman, and the daughter of one of the best men she has ever known. She is selfless and a comfort to everyone around her.      But Giselle is about to face a personal trial that will shake the self-confidence she has always owned and cause her to question her worth.      Julian Mackenzie loves his wife more than life itself. When an emotionally painful ordeal rocks her world, Julian is determined to be the the knight she needs and prove to Giselle her value is beyond any price.

Mary's Review:    
At age 23,  Giselle has a wonderful life. A wonderful marriage, a drop dead gorgeous husband who loves her and a beautiful baby.  Her father, after years of being alone, has found someone to love and bring joy and happiness into his once lonely life.  What more could she ask for?  Nothing.  She is blessed beyond measure.     
Then she begins to lose her hair.  She thinks nothing of it at first, but as it starts to fall out more and more, she becomes concerned and begins to lose confidence in herself and her true worth as a woman someone could love.      
What is wrong with Giselle and will her husband still love her when he finds out?  
 Once again, Jewel has written a wonderful book touching on a subject near and dear to her heart.        I highly recommend this book not only for the information you will learn from it, but because it is also an excellent clean, "slightly" steamy romance.      Great job Jewel!!!

About Author:
  J. (Jewel) Adams stays crazy busy with her family and writing. She has written several books in different genres and is also a motivational speaker to both youth and adult audiences. She home schools her four kids that are still at home, and between that and conjuring up new ideas for her books, her brain is completely fried most of the time. She and her husband Sean are the parents of eight children, which means they are both losing hair, but hey, that's what Rogaine is for, right?      In her spare time (when she has any) she likes to curl up with a good book and a healthy stash of orange Tic Tacs. She and her family reside in Utah.  
Jewel loves hearing from her fans, so if you would like to contact her to tell her how much you love her books or give her sympathy for the fried brain, or suggestions for the hair loss problem (for her husband, of course) contact her at

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Amazing Sabbath Day!!

Amazing Sabbath Day Today was an amazing day.  Sacrament meeting was awesome.  I don't think I have ever sat through a sacrament meeting quite like this one.  Maybe those of you from Utah might not find this unusual for your large wards, but for some of the wards in the East, especially those in small areas of Florida, this was absolutely the best! Our meeting started out as any normal sacrament meeting.  You know...welcome, high councilman acknowledgements, announcements, opening hymn, opening prayer, etc.  Then came the awesome part of sacrament meeting.  The Bishop had some business to take care of.  Seven early morning seminary graduates, 2 of whom had 100% attendance were acknowledged.  I remember Seminary and how hard it was to get up at 5am to go for religious education before going to school.  Out of 4 years, I attained 3 years of 100% attendance.   Then we had 5 confirmations!!  How awesome is that!  5 confirmations!! As the ward mission leader said "Our ward family is growing by leaps and bounds". Two missionaries came home this week.  Both from the same family.  I know our Relief Society president was glad to see her sons home after being gone for 2 years serving the Lord and teaching the word of God. To top it all off, a new baby was given a name and blessing.  A new precious son of our Heavenly Father; a child of God; one still so close to his Heavenly Father that he could tell us about Him and all that is beyond the veil if only he could speak. By the time all this had been accomplished, it was time to bless and pass the sacrament.  I spent this precious time showing pictures of Christ to my 5 year old granddaughter and explaining to her about Jesus and what He did for us.  Explaining to hervhow important the sacrament was and why Jesus died for us.  She just looked at the pictures then looked at me and said, "I love Jesus, Grandma". I was even able to tell her, "Look Penelope, Scott is blessing the sacrament today".   She looked up and gazed with adoring eyes and hugh smile as she saw her older brother at the sacrament table preparing to bless the sacrament. With all this, we only had 15 minutes left for talks.  With that said, the intermediate hymn was dispensed with and 3 talks were given, the closing hymn and prayer given and the meeting ended on time!  Can you believe that!?   Again, what an awesome day today was!!! ***One last thing...As we were about to leave, the Bishop asked to speak with my 16 year old grandson.  He was called as the secretary to the Priests Quorum.  Now, how is that for the finish to the perfect day???

Friday, June 8, 2012

Children's Book Review- Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia

Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia
by Herman Parish, Illustrated by Lynn Sweat
Paperback: 48 pages
Published May 1996
by Camelot
ISBN-10: 038072510X
ISBN-13: 978-0380725106
Book Source: Bought
5 Stars

Book Description: The long -awaited return of a beloved children's book character, as Peggy Parish's nephew continues the adventure of the hilariously literal-minded maid. A series of hilarious misunderstandings occur when Mr. Rogers agrees to teach Amelia Bedelia to drive. "It's a pleasure to welcome [Amelia Bedelia] back...Herman Parish is a worth y successor to peggy parish"-BCCB

Mary's Review: It's Amelia Bedelia's birthday and she works for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. To celebrate they give her the day off . She wants to visit her Cousin Alcolu. They give her the keys to their car so she can drive to her cousin's house. She hasn't driven in a while so Mr. Rogers go with her so she can warm up on the roads of the countryside. Did you know that two or more words can have the same sound or spelling but differ in meaning? Well, they can. These words are called homonymns. This is were the fun begins!! When Mr. Rogers tells Amelia to "steer" straight ahead, meaning theres's a cow in front of them she thinks "stear" the car straight ahead and there's a cow in front of them and she will hit it. He tells her to push the horn on the car to scare the cattle and she pushes the horn on the cow. The car has a flat tire tire and a tow truck comes along and offers them a "tow". Amelia tells the the driver she all ready has ten "toes". These are just a few word plays. There are many more. Amelia makes words so much fun while teaching that words cam ne spelled differently, have the same sound and have different meanings. This is a fun and humorous teaching book with wonderful illustrations to make it more fun and colorful.

I recommend this book for children ages 4-10.

About The Author: Herman Parish was in the fourth grade when his aunt, Peggy Parish, wrote the first book about Amelia Bedelia. The lovable, literal-minded housekeeper has been a member of his family ever since. Peggy Parish died in 1988. She would be proud and delighted to know that with Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia; Bravo, Amelia Bedelia!; Amelia Bedelia 4 Mayor and now Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia, her nephew is carrying on -- for a new generation of readers -- the tradition she began years ago.

In His Own Words... "In true Amelia Bedelia fashion, I backed into writing these books about the literal-minded housekeeper who children laugh at and love. Amelia Bedelia was created by my aunt, Peggy Parish. Although she passed away in 1988, Peggy still received fan mail from children. They wondered when the next Amelia Bedelia book would be out. Then other children's authors wrote and volunteered to continue the series. I felt uneasy about Amelia Bedelia leaving our family. As I was in the fourth grade when she first appeared, I had literally grown up with her. So I decided to try to write a new Amelia Bedelia adventure. My two sisters and my family were very supportive and encouraged me. I'd had experience in writing advertisements. I reread the Amelia Bedelia stories to figure out what made them funny. I realized that everyday life overflows with idiomatic expressions, literalisms, and homophones. It's amazing more people don't get confused-besides Amelia Bedelia! My first book, Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia, took me a year to think about and one night to write. I had been collecting ideas, homonyms, and expressions. Whenever I heard them, I jotted them down: on napkins in restaurants, on my newspaper while riding the bus, and on agenda sheets in business meetings.

I stockpiled these fragments in a folder until one Sunday night, with my family asleep, I decided that it was now or never. I sat down around ten o'clock and began to write. I was so focused on the story that I finished as the sun came up on Monday morning. Naturally, the story needed revision, but the essence was captured in that all-night writing spree.

I am fortunate that my editor, Susan Hirschman, and the illustrator, Lynn Sweat, had worked with Peggy on many Amelia Bedelia books. That helped make the transition from Peggy's books to mine as seamless as possible.

I feel very lucky to be writing Amelia Bedelia books and continuing a family tradition. But the best reward was when a child wrote Peggy Parish a fan letter. It said that Good Driving, Amelia Bedelia is the best book she has written. To me, that's the highest compliment I could hope for."

About The Illustrator: Texas-born artist Lynn Sweat was doing magazine illustration and design work in New York City when he entered the children’s book world, illustrating Birds without Words in 1961. That book won an award from the Society of Illustrators, and caught the eye of Peggy Parish’s publisher, Susan Hirschman. She met with Mr. Sweat and asked him if he’d be interested in doing more children’s book art. After publishing a few books together, Ms. Hirschman thought Mr. Sweat was just the man for the job when Amelia Bedelia needed a new illustrator. His first Amelia Bedelia book was Good Work, Amelia Bedelia—in which, he says, he brought the character back to a more “cartoonish and wacky” look—and he illustrated all of Ms. Parish’s Amelia Bedelia titles until her death in 1988. He describes Ms. Parish as very quirky and funny.
" see full review at Little Red Reads"

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Ebook Short Story Review- Root


by Emily Mah
Kindle Edition, 22 pages
Published: April 13, 2012
by: Emily Mah Tippetts
Book Source: Bought
5 Stars

Book Description: Beulah has the worst luck with computers. They lose her files, corrupt her data, and in her more sleep-deprived moments she feels they conspire against her. When she begins to see little fox-faced demons spring out of the CPU of one machine, she fears she must be losing her mind, but what if they aren't hallucinations after all?

Mary's Review: Beulah's English final is lost somewhere in the computer. Without it, she will lose her scholarship and she won't pass.
The computer has been giving her trouble from the beginning. It lost her room assignment assigning her to roommates who are loud, uncaring party girls. It has also misspelled her email name just to name a few things. The computer does not like Beulah.
She had until 8 the next morning to get her grade in the system. She had to get the sysadmins team-Mike and Rodney- to help her. This was not going to be easy. While helping the sysadmins team, she meets Root a pixel dot image and thinks she is losing her mind. Now the adventure begins. Come along and see where this syfy adventure takes Beulah.
I really liked this short story. Once started, I could not put it down. It's a great sci-fi fantasy short story and I recommend it for all young adults ages 13 and up.
About the Author: Emily Mah Tippetts writes science fiction and fantasy as Emily Mah and chick lit as E.M. Tippetts. Originally from New Mexico, she now lives in London with her family. She is a former attorney who specialized in contracts, real estate, and estate planning, with a specialty in literary estate planning.

To learn more about her and her upcoming releases, visit her site:
" see full review at Little Red Reads"

"A Lot"

It was time for Anai's 4 year old check up and it fell on Grandpa to take her.  He didn't mind.  The office staff loved him and were always disappointed when it was mommy,  not grandpa who took Anai.
     After a 30 minute wait in the waiting room they were called into triage.  Anai was weighed, measured and had her temperature taken.  Then she and grandpa were seated in the exam room for another 30 minute wait.
     Finally the doctor came in and Anai was a regular little chatter box. She let the doctor listen to her heart, look down her throat, and in her ears.
     Finally he asked her, "Anai how many eyes do you have?".
     "Two" came the prompt answer.
     "How many hands do you have?"
     Again came the prompt answer, "Two".
      Anai thought this was a fun game and maybe visiting the doctor wasn't so bad.  After all she knew she was going to get Dora stickers or even better Princess stickers when she got done.
     "Okay, very good Anai.  Now how many fingers do you have?"
     Uh oh, now this was getting harder.
      Looking at her hands and studying them really hard, she finally looked up at the doctor and said, "Lots".
     President Halverson the president of the Orlando temple also put it the same way in an address he gave to the sisters at the Sisters in White conference that the Ft. Myers stake in Florida has once a year. .  When he asked what it took to be prepared to go to the temple his answer was "Lots".     The definition of prepared is  "To make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion".     It  takes a lot of preparation for us to go to the temple.  LOTS of searching, pondering, prayer, personal commitment, giving, caring, love, charity, reading the scriptures, obedience and much more.
     As a music lover, I was impressed when President Halverson quoted "High on a Mountain Top" and explained this hymn was telling us about temples.
     It had been a while since I had been to the temple due to continued illnesses, but this was one trip I would not have missed for the world.  I had worked hard to get back there and it had taken "LOTS" to beat Satan to get there.  He seemed to put obstacles in the pathway one by one.  He did not want me there.  It was only after I got there that I knew why he didn't want me or the sister that took me to be there. There was a special work to be done for three sisters who had been waiting a long time for us-not anyone else, but us.  Satan did not want their work done.  These sisters were with us through each and every ordinance performed for them.  They were so happy that their work had finally been done.  As I entered the Celestial room, I knew they were there.  I knew they were golden and the bonds that had held them back had been broken and they could now progress in the kingdom of our Father.
      It had taken "LOTS" to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually to make this trip and I learned it was going to take "LOTS" of  work on our  part to keep worthy and stay worthy of the blessings of temple attendance by continuing to be prepared.
     How many blessings do I have as I count them?   "LOTS". How much more do I have to do to be and stay prepared?  "LOTS".