Thursday, May 3, 2012

Children's Ebook Review - Lydia's Fairy Wish

Lydia's Fairy Wish
by Linda Watts
Kindle eBook, 34 pages
Published March 10, 2012
by Linda Watts
ASIN: B007J931EM
Book Source: Bought
5 stars

Book Overview: After her mother dies, Lydia must go live with Aunt Beth, Uncle Mick and her three awful cousins on a farm in the middle of nowhere where magic never happens. But all that is changed by a thunderstorm. After lightning strikes the old oak tree in the pasture, Lydia finds a dazed little fairy in the soggy leaves and twigs underneath the tree. When the awful cousins get their hands on Lydia’s fairy, it’s up to her to figure out a way to send it back to Fairyland. Everyone knows that helping a fairy brings good luck. And Lydia’s luck is about to change!

Mary's Review: What a wonderful story! Even if I am 60, it left me wishing there was more.
Sweet Lydia learns that miracles do happen. She learns that family love is unconditional. That you can forgive those that hurt you and that you can make friends when you least expect it.
Fairies? Why not? Lydia discovers one when she is sent to live with her Aunt Beth and Uncle Mick after her mother dies. Her life changes drastically. She goes from city life to farm life. All she wants is to go back and live with Michael, the man she considers her father. He loved her and her mother. She was what they considered a family, not what her Aunt Beth's family was. Once finding the fairy, she learned that certain fairies could grant wishes. Was this one of them? She had a wish but had to keep it to herself or else it wouldn't come true. What was her wish? Would the fairy grant it?
I recommend this book for ages 8 and up.

About the Author: Linda Watts was born in Missouri and grew up on a farm. After living in California for several years, she moved to Colorado and has lived there ever since. Currently she is the QA Director for a database company, and in her spare time she is (still) remodeling her almost 100-year old home. She also enjoys gardening, theater, and writing children's books.
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