Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Inside a Pirates Ship

by Brian Lee
Hardcover, 16 pages
Published 2005
by Backpack Books
ISBN-10: 0760768099
ISBN-13: 978-0760768099
Book Source: Bought
4.5 stars

Summary From Back of Book:The pages of this book are like the decks of a pirate ship. Look through the holes to find out what's underneath each one. Meet the captain and the crew as you travel down through the layers until you teach the seabed itself.

You can even find out where the pirates store their treasure.

Mary's Review: A very charming book with look-through pages that takes a child on an adventure through a pirate's ship from the seagulls aerial view of the deck to the bottom of the ship where the pirates hide their treasure. Brian Lee not only has written this book, but has also done the wonderful illustrations.
I recommend this book for children ages 3-8.

Author Bio: Hello, I'm an illustrator (also author) living in the UK. I have illustrated over 30 children's book titles and contributed to numerous other titles. I have also designed and supplied illustration work for a variety of educational publishers, museums and visitor's centers. I specialize in historical, mythical and ghostly subjects. Many of my books have pop ups. I mainly work in traditional media but also create and manipulate work using the main computer design packages.

" see full review at Little Red Reads"

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