Thursday, April 12, 2012

Is It Nice? Manners For Kids

by Casey Chapman
Amazon Edition
Published 2011
by Casey Chapman
Book Source: Bought
4 stars

Book Overview from Amazon: Is It Nice? Manners For Kids was written to help young children behave in different situations. Its colorful illustrations and easy to understand messages make it easy for readers to learn the nice thing to do in everyday life. What should you do after you burp? Is it nice to yell or whine when you want something? These questions and others are answered for a great learning experience.

Mary's Review: Reading this gave me the giggles as I saw each situation in my grandchildren (and even in some adults I know). Casey has given each ill-mannered situation the proper response for a well-mannered child or person from belching, gas passing, saying thank you, I'm sorry, using your inside voice and much more. He has even illustrated this little book with adorable cartoon-like pictures.

I recommend this book for age groups 1-12.

About the Author: Casey Chapman lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and two kids. The idea for this book came from his children's love of books. This is the first book Casey has written and illustrated. He hopes that it will help other parents teach their children how to interact with their friends and family.

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