Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Day the Squigglies Fell to Earth

by Linda Watts

Kindle eBook, 21 pages

Published March 15, 2012

Publisher: Linda Watts


Book Source: Author

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Overview from Amazon: Sherman and Henry Cleveland are the heroes of the day when they find a small spaceship in their backyard and help the squiggly space creatures launch their way back to the planet Zorbulok. Before their mission can be accomplished, however, they must get past the horrible Harvey brothers from next door. The squigglies join in to defeat the Harveys in the most exciting Cleveland/Harvey battle in the history of Riverside Drive

Mary's Review: What a fun cute book. A story of how good vs evil, how friends stand up for each other. Sherman and Henry find a strange object in their garbage can that is inhabited by tiny strange creatures. They are determined to protect them and through their kindness to these creatures who turn out to be space creatures, they form a friendship and lasting bond that will help them defeat their enemies the Harvey brothers and their vicious dog. To find out how, O recommend you read this cleverly written book by Linda Watts.
I recommend this book for ages 7-9.

About the Author: Linda Watts was born in Missouri and grew up on a farm. After living in California for several years, she moved to Colorado and has lived there ever since. Currently she is the QA Director for a database company, and in her spare time she is (still) remodeling her almost 100-year old home. She also enjoys gardening, theater, and writing children's books.

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