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My Grandparents are Special

Children's Book Review- My Grandparents Are Special

by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Paperback, 32 pages
Published 2006
by Barron's Educational Series
Book Source Bought
4.5 stars

Book Overview from Amazon: This book explores the extraordinary loving relationship that typically exists between very young children and their grandparents. The sensitively written Let's Talk About It Books encourage preschool-age and early-grades children to explore their feelings, and speak openly to a parent or other trusted adult about things that trouble them. Each title discusses a particular concern or anxiety that children often encounter in the course of growing up. All books in this series have appealing color illustrations on every page, and are available in both English and Spanish language editions. A short section at the back of each book offers advice to parents.

Mary's Review: I really enjoyed this children's book. As it has said some of us only have one grandparent, some of us have two or more grandparents and some of us like myself, do not have any grandparents. Whatever the case may be, grandparents are special people who teach us many different things like traditions. They play with us and tell us stories and help us to remember who we are. It also lets us know that some day as our grandparents get older we will eventually be the ones setting and teaching the traditions. There is also a page at the back of the book especially for parents to help tell them the importance of grandparents and great-parents and how this book can be used interactively. This book has some very cute and colorful illustrations done by Marta Fabrega.

About the Author: Jennifer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, but is currenlty residing in the Chicago land area, with her husband and three children. Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Ryerson Poltechnical University in 1994. Jennifer worked as a Child Welfare Social Worker, investigating child abuse allegations for more than 10 years. Jennifer began her writing career in 2001 and is still writing today. Jennifer writes non-fiction childrens books that focus on family situations, life skillls, development disorders and everyday situations. Working as a social worker, Jennifer was able to work with many children and families, and therefore saw a need for literature to be made available to families on topics that matter to them most. Jennifer's books are writen in 10 different languages and are available all around the world!! Jennifer enjoys all sports, reading and spending time with her family.
" see full review at Little Red Reads"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Book Give-A-Way

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peace and Quiet

    Awww!  A few minutes of peace and quiet.  They won't last long, but I'm going to enjoy them while I can.
     It's time to pick up dear, sweet Penelope from school.  She is 5 years old with an infectious smile and oh, so beautiful.
     Anai  is her cousin who is the cutest little imp and full of mischief and has a smile that wrinkles her little nose and shows the most darling dimples.
     We can't leave out 18 month old Emileigh.  Adorable, cute, quite the character. She has big brown eyes that would melt even the hardest of hearts, a smile that lights up her face and the room.
     Beautiful, charming and adorable as they are, they are more than active.  They are lively, vigorous, energetic, full of life, on the go, full of zip, dynamic.  They make me tired just watching them.  If I had one sixteenth the energy they had I would be able to accomplish so much. I could bottle it and would make millions!  Oh, don't I wish.
     Well, my dear, sweet, loving husband took Anai AND Emileigh with him to pick up Penelope from school to give me a few minutes of peace and quiet. What a man!  This man has just made homemade pot pie for dinner (including the pie crust); has taken Penelope to school; has made lunch for 3 people; helped give the Emileigh her inhalation treatment (a chore in itself); still has to take our grandsons to scouts tonight and is all ready working on tomorrow's dinner and wants to make a homemade apple pie.   This wonderful man wants to give me a break.  Now you know why I love him so much.  He's the one who needs the few minutes of peace and quiet!
     This few minutes of peace and quiet gives me the time to write this post or read a new children's book or read a few scriptures or work a few minutes on my next book.  Maybe even get a 20 minute catnap.  There seems to be quite a bit you can do with 20-30 minutes when you have them.  The trick is getting them.  From what I have noticed following most of you, my Forever Friends, you don't always have a few minutes. 
Soooo...if you had 20 or 30 minutes of peace and quiet what would you do with them?
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you

Children's Review- Goodnight, My Angel: A Lullabye

by Billy Joel
Paperback, 32 pages
Published 2005
by Scholastic Inc.
Book Source Bought
5 Stars

Book Overview: The words of Billy Joel's song are printed in this book with beautiful colored pencil illustrations to highlight the words of a father's love for his child.

Mary's Review: I love this book. What more can be said when a father expresses the love he has for his child through song? What a beautiful legacy to leave your child. I think my favorite part is ""Someday we'll all be gone, but lullabies go on and on...They never die. That's how you and I will be". I love the thought of as a family we will go on and on.

This book is also beautifully illustrated by Yvonne Gilbert. Illustrations you would love to pull out and hang on the wall of your daughter's room.

I recommend this book for ages 1-8.

About The Author: William Martin "Billy" Joel (born May 9, 1949) is an American pianist, performer, singer-songwriter, and composer. Since releasing his first hit song, "Piano Man", in 1973, Joel has become the sixth best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States, according to the RIAA.[3]

Joel had Top 40 hits in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, achieving 33 Top 40 hits in the United States, all of which he wrote himself. He is also a six-time Grammy Award winner, a 23-time Grammy nominee and has sold over 150 million records worldwide.[4] He was inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame (1992), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1999), the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2006), and the Hit Parade Hall of Fame (2009). In 2008, Billboard magazine released a list of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists to celebrate the US singles chart's 50th anniversary, with Billy Joel positioned at No. 23. With the exception of the 2007 songs "All My Life" and "Christmas in Fallujah," Joel discontinued writing and recording pop/rock material after 1993's River of Dreams, but he continued to tour extensively until 2010.

At The Robot Zoo

At The Robot Zoo
Written by Harris Tobias
Illustration by William F Barden
Kindle eBook, 32 pages
Published March 15, 2012
by Harris Tobias
ISBN-10: 1475042329
ISBN-13: 978-1475042320
Book Source: Author
5 Stars

Overview: The Little Robot is curious to see what goes on at the zoo after it closes. He is surprised to learn that the zoo animals are all robots just like him.
A sweet story of curiosity and and self discovery. Perfect for bedtime reading. Humorous and interesting, this book is delightfully told and beautifully illustrated.

Mary's Review: What a delightful and imaginative story written in poetry form about a little boy's visit to the zoo where all the animals are robots. Each shows that each animal has it's own special diet, that they are loved and cared for, love back, have their own sense of humor and personality. The book takes the children on a wonderful adventure allowing them to use their imaginations in picturing a zoo full of robot animals. What a small surprise to find out the little boy is a robot as well.

The illustrations are just as imaginative, adorable and colorful.

I feel this book teaches children that even though we are all unique in our own way we can live still together as one in peace and harmony.

I recommend this book for ages 4-8.

About The Author: Harris Tobias lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the author of several novels and hundreds of short stories. His fiction has appeared in Ray Gun Revival, The Calliope Nerve, Literal Translations, FriedFiction and other obscure publications. Learn more on Barnes and Noble, his podcasts and blog.

" see full review at Little Red Reads"

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Book Giveaway We Lived in Heaven by Sarah Hinze

Interview with Author Sarah Hinze and Book Giveaway
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My Pet Dinosaur Won't Brush His Teeth

by Sharlene Alexander

Kindle Edition, 13 pages
Published July 10, 2011
by SS Alexander
ISBN: 001284618X
ISBN: 13-2940012846181
Book Source: Bought

4 stars

Book Description from Amazon: If your child loves books by Mo Willems, Laura Numeroff, Felicia Bond, P.D. Eastman, and Sandra Boynton, your child will fall in love with "My Pet Dinosaur Won't Brush His Teeth."

Ron has horrible breath because he refuses to brush his teeth. One day his bad habit catches up to him. This hilarious story is a great way to teach your child about personal hygiene.

This picture book is perfect for children in preschool who are just learning to read, as well as early elementary school kids who are mastering new vocabulary. The adorable and funny story encourages reading, drawing, and critical thinking skills. Great story to read over and over and again.

Beautifully illustrated with vibrant color pictures that your child will enjoy viewing.

Fun story that keeps your child interested

Mary's Review: This Kindle Edition tells the story of dental hygiene in the simplest way. A little boy has a pet dinosaur who will not brush his teeth no matter how many times he's told his breath smells. Then one day his mouth hurts so bad he has to go to the dentist.

Learn more about author Sharlene Alexander on her blog.

Groundhog's Special Secret

by Iris Kiskey Arno
Paperback, 32 pages
Published 2003
by Scholastic Inc
Book Source: Bought
Rated: 5 Stars

Book Overview: When Lila, a young groundhog, objects to going to sleep for the winter, Uncle Wilbur tells her to rest so that she can try to be the first one to wake up in the spring and discover a big secret. She is indeed the first groundhog to awaken and quickly runs up the tunnel and outdoors, where she is greeted by all of the animals that do not hibernate and learns from them how important her shadow is. Lovely, warm illustrations, created with gouache, colored pencils, and acrylics, depict the groundhog household as well as a variety of winter animals

Mary's Review: Can you keep a secret? This quaint paperback book tells the story of Lila Groundhog. She doesn't want to go to sleep for the winter with the rest of her family. She wants to play and stay awake. She also wants to know why Uncle Wilbur is always the first one awake and Above Ground before everyone else. His reply to her is that it's a secret and Lila wants to know the secret because she loves secrets. Uncle Wilbur tells her that if she wants to know the secret then she needs to make sure she is the first one up and Above Ground before anyone else. Does Lila make it Above Ground before everyone else? Does she learn the secret of the Groundhog? Well, you will have to read the book and see for yourself.

This book is illustrated by Renee' Graef with lovely and warm illustrations depicting the groundhog family and many of the beautiful winter animals. 

I recommend this book for ages 4-8.

About The Author: Iris Hiskey Arno began her career as a classical singer. She toured the US, Canada, and Europe singing opera, medieval, and contemporary music. When she became a mom, she took off her traveling shoes and started writing children's books. She also combined her interest in music with her interest in children's literature and wrote several musicals for children to perform. Iris lives with her family just outside New York City in a house with a rainbow-colored porch.

About the Illustrator: Renee' Graef received her Bachelor's Degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has illustrated over 40 children's books, including the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, and the "Kristen" books and paper dolls from the American Girl Collection. Renee' lives in Wisconsin with her Husband and their two children.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Red Berry Wool

Red Berry Wool
by Robyn Eversole
Paperback: 32 pages
Published: 1999
by: Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN-10: 0807569186
ISBN-13: 978-0807569184
Book Source: Bought
5 stars

Book Overview from Amazon: The Boy who tends the sheep has the most beautifu; berry-colored sweater, and Lalo the lamb would like his own wool to loook just as splendid. But when he tries wasjing his wool he gets water in his nose. And spinning makes him dizzy. At the end of the day, Lalo discovers the most important step to making a sweater---the one that brings him and the Boy together.

Mary's Review: Things are not always greener on the other side of the fence as Lalo soon finds out. Seeing his master's beautiful sweater made from the wool of his flock, Lalo wants his wool to look he same. After finding out the process of making a sweater from his mother, Lalo tries to make his wool into a sweater. With every step he tries to transform his wool into a sweater, he only finds trouble, but his master is also there to save and help him much like our master, much like the Good Samaritan. Learn what Lalo learns in the end about bringing things together and what it means.
I love the bright colored illustrations that bring this story together and that are sure to capture your child's attention.

I recommend this book for ages 4-8.

About the Author:
Robyn Eversole lives in West Virginia; she also spends much of the year working as an anthropologist in South America. She believes sheep meadows and vibrant sweaters of Bolivia must have inspired her to write about Lalo. This is her fifth book for children.

About the Illustrator:
Tim Coffey make his picture book debut with Red Berry Wool. He received a degree in fine arts from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Currently he lives and paints near farms and rolling countrysides in Atkinson, New Hampshire.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Walk In Heaven

Book One in the “Grayson Brothers Series”
Historical Western Romance
By: Marie Higgins

A Walk In Heaven
Copyright © 2011 by Marie Higgins
ISBN: Not needed for Kindle only
Cover Design by Marie Higgins

Excerpt from Book
     Joshua Grayson is not happy about his new sister-in-law’s visit and he uses the term ‘sister-in-law’ loosely as Careen Kennedy Grayson was a complete stranger. Joshua’s brother, Matthew, left the family ranch in the dead of night to run away and wed a woman he’d never met. The fact Matthew was killed moments after walking out of the church with his new bride merely adds insult to injury. Joshua struggles with resentment and trying not to blame Careen for his brother’s death. But it is difficult not to harbor ill feelings when he knows she’s keeping secrets. Despite his suspicions, Joshua slowly grows attracted to Careen and even starts to like her. Unfortunately, Joshua knows all too well the folly of loving a woman he cannot trust.
     Careen Kennedy Grayson was married and widowed within minutes of the other. When her obsessive cousin, Luther, arrives minutes after Matthew’s death, she knows deep down he’s the one who killed Matthew. Luther is arrested and held for trial while Careen takes her husband’s body back to his family. Soon after arriving at the loving Grayson ranch, Careen learns of her mother-in-law’s heart condition. Unwilling to cause undue stress, Careen decides to wait until after Luther’s trial to speak the full truth of their son’s death. Soon Careen grows embedded in family and ranch life, getting closer to the Grayson’s with each passing day. She finds herself unnaturally drawn to Joshua and she knows their budding attraction will only complicate matters… Especially when the family discovers her cousin did indeed kill Matthew.

Mary's Review:     Marie has done it again.  She has written a Christian Historical Western Romance Novel that is sooo good.  I started it this morning at 8:00am and finished it at 4:30pm.  Once started, I could not put it down.  There is not only romance, but intrique, mystery, cold blooded murder, deceit, unconditional love, trust, family togetherness.  Marie leads you from one mystery to another and just when you think you have it solved, she throws in a twist and takes you into another adventure.  The characters will surprise you and you will either love them from the beginning or dislike them emensely.  Come meet Joshua the handsome hunk, Gage and Peter all her new brother in-laws, Careen the beautiful southern belle and widow of Matthew, Betsy, her faithful maid and friend, William and Elizabeth her in-laws, the cutest 3 year old twins girls ever, Jessica and Francis, Laura, the mayor's daughter,  Luther, the most evil man in the west and the rest of the cast.  I guarantee you will enjoy this book and ask the same question as I am going to ask?  Where is Book Two in the Grayson Series? 

About the Author
I'm a mother and grandmother and wife. I work full time for the state of Utah. I write full time. I love my religion!

Please email me with any questions or suggestions. I'd love to hear from you!

Look for more of Marie Higgins’ books on Kindle . . .
“Pretending You Are Mine” – Colonial Romance (book one in Patriot’s Saga)
“Falling In Love Again” – Colonial Romance (book two in Patriot’s Saga)
“The Sweetest Kiss” – Regency-set Romance
“Secrets After Dark” – Historical Paranormal / Suspense (coming soon)
“Winning Mr. Wrong” – Romantic Comedy
“Heart of a Hero” – Historical Romance
“Hearts Through Time” – Paranormal / Time-travel Romance
“It Must Have Been The Mistletoe” – Contemporary Romance (short story)

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Buy from Nook

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do I Have A Book For You!

How would you like to read a book that is full of adventure, betrayal, camaraderie, danger, earth shaking faith, history, love, lust, miracles, murder, mystery, a son's  love, visions, and wars.  A book that will change your life, mind and heart.  A book that will answer the questions of the soul? A book filled with wonderful stories of love; of heartbreaking sadness; of miracles performed; of unconditional love; of the miracle of forgiveness.  A book that will bring tears to your eyes...tears of joy and tears of sadness.  It will fill your heart with so much love and then again with just as much sorrow.
Then do I have the book for you!  It's the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is full of this and more.
I recommend you read this book and change your life forever.  If you have read it, read it 
again. David O. McKay said that every time he read The Book of Mormon he learned something new and he read it many times.
I love this book and it has indeed changed my life.

New Release! Crater Lakes

Howdy folks,

I just wanted to let everyone know that today is the official release
of my new book, Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island.

I would LOVE it if any of you would be willing to share it with your
friends and/or link to it via Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. Have a
great day!

Steve Westover