Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Sound of Love

The Sound of Love
A Passionate Hearts Novelette
J. Adams

Excerpt from the book:

With tears blinding my vision, I turn away, not missing Edith's triumphant expression, and run from the restaurant. I am unable to think of anything except escaping–escaping the pain, and escaping him. I should have known it was all too good to be true. Everything I thought I knew had been a lie. He doesn't really love me. I've only been a hobby, and it is Ashton he has wanted all along. What we've shared means nothing to him. That, more than anything, is ripping my heart apart.
I want to die, God! I just want to die. From somewhere in my mind, I hear Dylan's voice saying, “And death shall have no dominion.” I push the voice away. I don't want to hear his voice or think of him ever again.


Twenty-seven year old Talisa is living the life of a modern day Cinderella. Her father has just died, she has just buried him, and her stepmother throws her out of her own home. She has a two wicked stepsisters, Edith and Ashton, that hate her and that she feels sorry for and a stepbrother, Thomas, she loves and adores.
Dylan Thomas, a ruggedly handsome poet, is suspicious of every woman he comes in contact with due to the infidelity of his ex-wife. He feels no different about Talisa even though he has heard much about her from his close friend Thomas.
Two people looking for the same thing - unconditional love and trust. Will they find it in each other? Will they be able to resolve the hurt that has been heaped on them over the past few months? Will Talisa find her Prince Charming and will Dylan his Cinderella?
I found this a very charming modern version of Cinderella. Cinderella has always been my favorite Walt Disney movie and Jewel has very easily made this my favorite modern version.
I recommend this novella to anyone who is looking for and enjoys a good clean romance with a little whimsy to it.

This book furnished for review at no compensation by J. Adams. Copyright © 2011 Jewel of the West
All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I love Cinderella stories! I can't wait to read this one! Thanks for posting this, Mary!

  2. You're awesome, Mary! I'm glad you enjoyed the story:-)

  3. Awesome review. Thanks.
    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"