Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That Kind of Love

That Kind of Love
A Legacy Novella
J. Adams

Cisely and Adagio St. John are back, but not like you think.
     Evangeline Patton is a beautiful young blind black girl who was adopted by wealthy parents who thought more of how they could use her for their gain rather than loving her for her.  Using her as a pawn in a merger to create a bigger empire for themselves and she wonders what her real worth, if any, is to them.  Now that her finacee in an arranged marriage has died she is free to choose what she is going to do with her life.  A choice that angers her abusive father beyond anything she ever could ever imagined.  All she knows is she wants someone to love and someone who loves her and values her for what she is worth.
     Dagio(Adagio) St. John III, is burying his grandparents, Cisely and Adagio St. John, who have died within months of each other.  His parents have urged him for years to marry, but he wants the kind of love and marriage his grandparents had; the kind of marriage his grandparents always encouraged him to find.  "Never settle" was their counsel to him.   He vowed he never would.
     Would Dagio find the same kind of love as Cisely and Adagio?  Would Evangeline find the love and self worth she desperately sought and needed?
     I really did enjoyed this book.  The use of Cisely and Adagio's diaries made me want to continue reading without putting the book down.  I love reading old diaries and this made the book more intriguing for me.
     I recommend this book to young adults and all who are young at heart and remember what falling in love is all about. 

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  1. Thanks so much, Mary! Your review makes me want to read it again, myself:-)
    I appreciate all you do.

  2. Sounds strong and wonderful. Great review.

  3. This book looks quite interesting! Now I'm intrigued...:o)