Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bailey's Book of ranDOMness

Bailey's Book of ranDOMness
Bailey Adams

Is today the tomorrow you worried about yesterday?
Once my gerbil was picking his nose!
When life gives you lemons, do the impossible. Make root beer!
I want popcorn off an apricot tree!
I wish I had bacon scented deodorant!
The truth is everything looks and taste better when it's not yours!

These are some random thoughts from the new book written by 14 year old Bailey Adams daughter of J. Adams.  Bailey attended a teen writer's conference with her mother this year and came away determined to write a book of her own.  Spending the next few months, she wrote down some random thoughts and came up with 95. She drew some of the most adorable stick figures and with the help of her dad who edited and set it up for her, she came up with this cute and adorable book of random thoughts.
I loved this little book and read some of the thoughts to my oldest daughter who thought they were funny, cute, adorable, and so sweet.  They reminded me of some of the things my grandchildren come up with that make me want to write. 
If you want a short read with some refreshing thoughts through the eyes of a young person, then this is the book for you.
I would recommend it to all ages.

Copyright © 2011 Bailey Adams
 Illustrations by Bailey Adams
Jewel of the West Publishing

About Bailey
Bailey is 14 years old and lives in West Point, Utah
She would love to hear from you!

Adams, Bailey (2011-11-12). Bailey's Book of Randomness (Kindle Locations 162-163). Jewel of the West. Kindle Edition.


  1. Thanks, Mary! Bailey is way excited to have her first book review:-)

  2. I think this adorable book would be good for adults as well as children. We all need this kind of outlook in our lives. I'm getting my book, today,
    JoAnn Arnold