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Still His Woman An Against the Odds Novelette

Still His Woman
An Against the Odds Novelette
J. Adams

     Remember Raine and Hayden from Againt the Odds?   Well, they are back by popular demand.  In Against the Odds, Raine had left a marriage where she was married to a man who could give her the world. but didn't really love her.  He only wanted her for her beauty and what she could bring to him in appearance only.  He was abusive and possive.  He made Raine feel worthless.  She wanted more and so she left him and moved to a ranch with some wonderful friends looking for more.  Looking for her worth.  Her she met Hayden McKade. For him it was love at first sight.  It was just winning her over.  In the end he did.  He helped her find her worth and true beauty  Now they are back in the sequel "Still His Woman". 

 Raine and Hayden have been married for several years now.  They have two children, a son and a daughter.  However, tragedy in it's own form has come into Raine's life and once again she feels worthless and feels she has let Hayden down.  See how a near rape, meeting a 17 year old girl and  "The Sound of Music" change   Raine's life once againand helps her find her worth, her true worth, how God has had a plan of His own in motion for her all this time and just how much Hayden truly loves her and that love is definelty unconditional.

This was a wonderful sequel and short read.  I read it twice.  I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good clean romance.  Be prepared to have a box of tissues.  This sequel will make you feel a touch of anger,  unbound compassion, true grief, and a heart full of love. If you read "Against the Odds", then this is a must read.  Good job once again Jewel.

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