Friday, October 14, 2011


 As I sit and reflect back over the day, I find that all in all it has been a wonderful day.  It started at 4 o'clock this morning for me.  I woke up and could not go back to sleep.  Since it was so quiet I took this opportunity to read scriptures and have my prayers.  I knew once everyone woke up, it would become hectic and then it would be hard to find the time to do this and then I might not be in the mood.  I really wanted to have the spirit to help me through the day.
     Later in the day I look at my granddaughter who  just turned one the day before as she leans into me and sleeps.  Her face is angelic.   Her eyelashes are so long and beautiful; her cheeks so chubby and round.  She looks so peaceful and content.  I still wonder what she dreams when she is sleeping.   I bend down and kiss her ear and pull her closer to me as my heart fills with so much love for her.
     I look up just in time to see her sister  who is three and the cutest most mischievious little imp.  Her beautiful brown eyes sparkle and her curly brown Shirley Temple curls bounce as she runs back and forth from back door to front door sqealing like a little pig.  When asked to please be quiet so she won't wake her sister, she replies, "I just playin' Grandma, I just playin' ".   Just in time, the calvary comes to the rescue in the form of Aunt Rina and the Sprout channel upstairs.  My heart fills with love for both of them.
     The back door opens and naps come to a rapid end as my new pre-k granddaughter comes running through the back door and Anai with her squeal runs up to her yelling, "Plenelope!" and gives a big hug.  She is so glad to see her cousin.  Penelope returns her hug in kind, throws her back pack to one side. smiles big at me, says, "You sure are pretty today"  and off they go running to play in the front room parking lot (the front door).  As I listen they are playing Beauty Shop.  They have hair pretties and little doll combs and crowns.  Their conversation is what they have heard us say and they are absolutely adorable, but it reminds me of how careful we have to be in what we say around them.  They soak in everything and repeat everything.  They are like little sponges and absorb everything they hear and see.  There is so much love in my heart for these two little girls.
     All of a sudden the front door slams open and in comes a whirl wind of a nine year old boy who always seems to have a look of wonder and surprise on his face.  He is so cute and adorable and even more so now that he wears glasses.  His short curly hair is dark, his eyes a wonderful dark chocolate brown with eyelashes any woman would die for.  He runs over, gives me a kiss, throws down his back pack, runs straight for the bathroom.  Once done, he comes running back and inquires the whereabouts of his mother and bounds up the stairs.  A minutes later, he grabs the front door knob, gives me a somber look and informs me he is going outside, mama said it was okay.  The door slams open and out the door he flies.  What energy!  Oh, to have a thimble full. 
     Not five minutes late again the door slams open and in walks the "I own the world" 15 year grandson.  I get the haughty "I'm home now life can begin." look.  His notebook hits the top of the dining room table with a thud and he heads for the kitchen. (where else?) 
      "What are doing son?" I ask as if I didn't all ready know. 
     No answer.  I repeat my question.  Again no answer.  This time a tad more sharply I ask for the third time "What are you doing!?" 
     I hear him heave a huge sigh of irritation as he gruffly growls, "I'm hungry!"
     "Did you ask?" I reply. 
     We are trying to teach him to ask before he just eats, drinks and does anything.  He feels as if he is an adult and can do anything he wants without having to ask.  A real issue.  Again a big sigh.
      "Can I have something to eat?"
     " Well, it depends.  What is it you want?"
     He tells me and it's a good thing because what he wants belongs to his Aunt Karrie. She would have a cow and a half if he ate what she bought for her diet.  I direct him to something else.  He is happy now.  He fixes himself two sandwiches as he demands a coke.  I tell him what he can drink and gets that.
      As he sits down to eat, he throws me one of his never fail grins.  That with his head full of curly, curly hair surrounding his face, it's no wonder the girls are always calling or texting him.  I am talking a 6'2", blonde haired, blue eyed, built like a football player young man. 
     Once finished eating he comes over, bends down and gives me a huge hug and kiss and says, "I love you Grandma"  then runs upstairs to see if his mother will let him get on the computer. 
Grandchilren!  As onorary as they can be, they will melt your heart with love everytime.  All it takes is a look, a hug, a smile, a "I love you".  With the grace of God, my heart will continue to fill with love for these special children the Lord has brought into my life.  For this I am so thankful.   Yes, it has been a wonderful day!

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  1. Amen!!!

    Anna del C.
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