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J. Adams

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I can't believe this! How in the world could I have done something so stupid?

     Going on a hike in unfamiliar territory hadn't been smart at all, but I have always been one to go against the norm. I've never been a conformist. If I'm told not to do something, everything in me cries out, “I'm going to do it!” Sometimes this way of thinking is good, and sometimes it isn't, especially during times like now.
Blinking tears onto my cheeks, I make another attempt to stand,but the immediate pain shooting up my leg causes me to lose my balance and I fall again, only this time, instead of dropping twenty feet and hearing the snap of my leg as I hit the rock surface, I fall another ten feet, hitting my head. Then everything is dark. 

     Vashti is a beautiful 22 year old receptionist at a car dealership whose brother Rob is always trying to set her up with his friends-friends she finds revolting at best.  She is in hopes with this last visit with her brother that he is there to make amends.  Fat chance.  Liam is a huge man who was once a fireman injured in a fire while trying to save another's life.  His family ashamed of his career choice and embarrassed by his injury moves and leaves him behind.  He lives alone deep in the woods hiding.

     Both are looking for love-for someone to fill the emptiness in their hearts and lives.  Will they find it with each other?  Can they learn from their choices and make amends?
     "What the Heart Sees" is a short read that I enjoyed very much.  It, along with a small bag of popcorn and iced lemon water was the perfect ending to a great day.  It truly tells us that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  that "true beauty comes from within" and that "we should not judge a book by its cover".   That being said, I recommend this book for  young adults and older.  Again J. Adams has written a  romantic novella with a little  intense passion while keeping it wholesome and clean.

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