Tuesday, September 13, 2011


J. Adams

From the Back of the Book
Two people from different worlds searching for one another, are drawn together by a bond stronger than anything in this earthly sphere, and a love powerful enough to move mountains.
Cillian is in danger and Gideon is her true mate. And absolutely nothing will stop him from protecting what is his.

You asked for a sequel to "The Wishing Hour" and here it is.  Jewel asked for a winning line "I will never forget the day I died" for her new book  and here is it.  Two for one.  You can't beat that. 
Gideon is from Challis a paradise hidden deep within the core of the earth.  He is living on the surface of the earth and is seeking his soul mate.  She is near.  He senses it.  He has to find her.  She is in danger, but will he find her in time to save her.

Cillian is human.  She also senses someone close to her.  Her relationship with Matty is a friendship nothing else.  He is in love with her and wants more.  Cillian's best friend Chelise has feelings for Matty, but has kept them hidden.  Cillian must tell Matty how she feels and when she does, all heck breaks loose.  Two strange men appear out of no where, an auto accident occurs, strange scientific experiements.  A must read to see what happens.

A book loaded with everything I love all rolled into one...good clean romance, science fiction, a little spice, some mystery.  I would recommend this book to young adults and up.   Jewel never fails to disappoint her readers from one book to the next.  

This book furnished  for review at no compensation by J. Adams.

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