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Words Spoken...Words Remembered

     A parishioner went up to the priest to unload his guilt about the act of gossiping ~ so what harm was done exactly, he asks … So the priest asked the parishioner to go back home … take a feather pillow & a knife with him up onto the roof of a high building.. Give it a slash and see what happens…
     So, the parishioner did as he was told … he took a pillow & a knife … went up onto the roof & slashed it with all his might… Lo & behold… there were feathers & more feathers flying all over …. The parishioner then returned to the priest to report the act done. The priest proceeded to ask the parishioner to go back up & the roof … to RETRIEVE each and every feather that escaped from the pillow
     Well, that sums it up beautifully doesn’t it… Each and every word, no matter how juicy (whether with malicious intent, or not) that escapes from our mouths … can never be retrieved fully …  So, the harm & the hurt is done. There no turning back. Food for thought.
                                                                                       Short Horse Tales  …. of the two legged kind….

     The first time I heard this story was in a ward sacrament meeting where gossip was a real problem.  Sad isn't it?  Words had been spoken that had caused hard feelings resulting in the formation of "clicks" and in a few cases, brothers and sisters not returning to church. 
     Something I overheard the other day prompted this blog.  A single young mother at her wits end with one of her children yelled at him that she had had enough and was going to sign him over to the care of someone else.  Stunned that she would say this, I approached her later and asked her what she was thinking of when she said that?  She very nonchelantly replied that it was okay, she had talked with her son later and they were okay.  I told her maybe that's what she thought, but he would remember those words in years to come.  They were words she could never take back.  Like the feathers in the feather pillow.
     What have we said without thinking that we can't take back...words spoken in haste without stopping to think.  Without engaging our brains, before putting our mouths into gear?
     I remember the little white lie I told my dad when I was 10 and when caught in that lie, my dad promised me he would not talk to me the whole next day.  He kept that promise.  I never felt so lost or alone.  Words spoken...words remembered.
     The little boy who stood in court during custody proceedings and heard his mother say she would take him only if she were paid to keep him.  That little boy was raised by his father and is now 80 years old.  He still remembers those words.  Words spoken...words remembered.
     I will never forget a Bishop who once said to a Relief Society group of sisters who were upset that they had to pay for their lesson manuals that year and were taking it out on the Relief Society presidency,  "Live sucks and then you die.  If you don't like it come and see me".  I love that Bishop, now a counselor in the Mission Presidency.  Words spoken...words remembered.

     The words we speak say so much about us as a person.  Are they kind words or hurtful words?
             Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
                                           ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta
How much is a kind word worth to your family, friends and strangers?
     Hairdresser David Wagner learned these answers from a customer who came to him regularly every month. One day she phoned David in between her regular visits and asked if he would style her hair for an important event that evening. David fit her into his schedule and gave her his usual loving attention. He talked amiably with her, laughed, touched her kindly, and told her how beautiful she looked. After her session, she smiled and thanked him.
     You can imagine David's shock when a few days later he received a handwritten letter from the woman explaining that the important event she wanted to look good for that evening was her own funeral. She had planned to commit suicide later that day. When she spent time with David, however, the kindness he showed her influenced her to change her mind. She decided that life was worth living, and she could go on.
     Never underestimate the power of a kind word or thought. It may affect one or many, many people without you even knowing it.
                                                                                                       No Small Meetings   Alan Cohen

     "Have I told you today that I love you?  Well, I do".  as he blows me a kiss.   I remember these words.  They come from my husband every day and I love to hear them.  Words spoken...words remembered.
     " are kind...thanks for the kind words. Gina".  Words spoken...words remembered.
     "Thank you for the beautiful music today",  Words spoken...words remembered
     Words spoken...words remembered that I personally will never forget was when Troy Dunn who was a High Councilman for our stake came to speak at in our ward.  I had no idea he was speaking, let alone that he was a renowned motivational speaker or the Troy Dunn of The Locator.  I had been asked to do a special musical number.  I chose to sing that day.  Brother Dunn spoke after my song.  The first thing he said was that he didn't realize that our ward had Mary Poppins or that he was going to be priviledged to hear her sing and how fortunate the ward was to have my talent.  After the meeting he came up and shook my hand and complimented me personally.  Talk about flying on cloud nine.   Words spoken...words remembered.
     How about the words spoken to us through personal revelation?  Do we listen?  Do we remember them?  We are all entitled to personal revelation. I especially love it when I stop and listen to the "still small voice" in all things no matter how big or small.  I know I have ignored small things that I really should have listened to.  The Lord has told us that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.  

   "I have forgiven him. You can do no less".  Words whispered to me through the spirit in a moment of despair.  Words that confirmed to me that Jesus loves us and comforts us always.  Words spoken...words remembered.  
     "Stop!  Visit this sister now".  This whispered more than once as I passed an inactive sister's home.  I didn't want to visit her.  I didn't care for her very much and she didn't like visiting teachers.  Finally I heeded the prompting.  She let me in!  Several months later I sat in the sealing room of the Swiss temple and watched as she and her family were sealed for time and eternity.  We both left Germany at the same time both moving to Ft. Hood, Texas, where she became my secretary in the Young Women's presidency.    Words spoken...words rememberd.  
      "This is the one".  Words whispered to me in sacrament meeting when seeking a 2nd counselor for my Young Women's presidency and I didn't know her.  She had just moved into the ward and was the speaker.   I had been praying for a 2nd counselor for 2 months and always drew a blank.  Why?  Because she wasn't there yet.    Words spoken...words remembered.  

    Words we speak are words remembered and they impact not only those we speak them to, but to everyone around us.   They truly do speak of the person we really are and will be remembered.   Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.  Proverbs 16:24
Oh, the kind words we give shall in memory live  And sunshine forever impart.  Let us oft speak kind words to each other;  Kind words are sweet tones of the heart.  (Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words)


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