Saturday, July 9, 2011


Mary L. Walling
As a little girl you were always there for me.
You held me in your loving arms as I sat upon your knee.
You joked with me, teased me, and showed me how to play.
You constantly taught me how to work and tenderly to obey.
I looked into your face and saw a man that I adored
Someone I would certainly give “Best Father of the Year Award”.

All though our family was split religiously
I was always taught lovingly and consistently.
You loved me enough to teach me about Baptist Divinity
While Mother believed and taught in the Blessed Trinity.
Then the time came when I questioned, “Just who is God”?
And you looked at me with loving eyes and gave a knowing nod.

The time had come for us to be
A family of religious harmony.
So the journey and search began
For a better religious family plan.
A plan that would bring us all together
A plan that would keep us together forever.

The search was not easy, the journey seemed long.
One church after the other something was always wrong.
Then a wonderful man that you knew
Asked if he could talk with you
He and his wife had a special message to share
A plan showing Heavenly Father’s tender loving care.

At first you were skeptical and unsure 
And it was certainly more than Mother could endure.
“Mormons!  Absolutely no way”! She said.
But the more you thought about it, you didn’t feel you’d be misled.
Mother wasn’t happy about them teaching the discussions
But happily there were not any serious repercussions.

A few weeks later you were baptized
Followed by Mother.  Are you surprised?
My sister and I followed a few weeks later.
We were now a one religion family. What could be greater?
A year to the day, you took us to the temple to be sealed
As a celestial family for time and all eternity just as the Lord revealed.

As a little girl you were always there for me.
You held me in your loving arms as I sat upon your knee.
But the best thing that you have ever given me
Is an eternal celestial family.
What better love could there be
Than to receive this gift from my daddy.

I wrote this for my dad for Father's Day, but did not want to post it until he saw it first.  He is the hero in my life.  He has always been there for me and for my family.  He has always been faithful and strong not only in the church but to those around us.  He raised us to love the Lord and to walk the strait and narrow.  He has remained true to and honored his priesthood.  I love him with all my heart and am so glad that he is my daddy.  


  1. Very loving tribute! You did a great job with your poem. He should feel like a truly blessed man about now!

  2. Very sweet, Mary. Now I have the sniffles. :)

  3. What a wonderful, endearing tribute! You must have a wonderful father! What a blessing.