Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Special Memoral

Special Memorial
Today I put the finishing touches on the program for the Memorial Services of a very dear friend and brother in my ward.  When I moved into the Naples Ward 14 years ago he was the ward organist.  He had been the ward organist for years before I moved here.  He was one of the finest men I knew.  I learned many things from him over the years.  
He was a self-taught organist.  He could play with the best of them.  He was one of the most loved home teachers and was ever faithful in this duty whether he was sick or well.   He survived lung cancer as well as various other forms of cancer.  He was diabetic and suffered severe back problems.  He was hospitalized many, many times but never once complained.  He was always there for sacrament meeting.  He would have to leave after, but always there. Fast Sunday was never the same until you heard him bear his testimony.  When he was released as the ward organist, music was never quite the same.  He had a marvelous sense of humor.  His love and passion for the organ and piano filled the hearts of those who knew him and listened to his music.  His love for his wife was a love that was neverending and her love for him was returned in kind. His favorite verse comes from The Book of Enos verse 27-And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen. 

He truly knew how to endure to the end.  Brother Fisher you will be loved and missed very much.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the life of such a beautiful man. I enjoyed it very much.