Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alyana's Afghan

Let me start out by saying I am not a person who likes change. Have you ever read the book "Who Ate My Cheese" by John W. Nichols? Well in the book there is are two mice. One is always ready for change, the other resists it wholeheartedly. Well, I am of the latter version. I resist change with a passion. That said, let’s talk a little about change and choices.   "It looks tight and heavy. It looks like it weighs 10 pounds Why don’t you just tear it out and start over"? Was he out of his mind? Look at all the work I had just put into it. Did he really think I was going to tear it all out and start over? Change and choices. I was resisting even though I was not happy with the afghan and thought I could do better. But the thought stuck in the back of my mind and finally this morning after putting in another three rows, I tore the entire thing out and started over. It nearly killed me to make this choice. I began again by choosing a larger hook and another stitch. Both I had never used or done before. Tonight the afghan is beautiful and will be finished in another two days and even though I didn’t want to make the change, I am happy with the choices I made. Taking the afghan apart reminded me of the choices we make in life. 
President N. Eldon Tanner said: "One of God’s greatest gifts to man is freedom of choice . At an early period in the journey through life,
 man finds himself at a crossroad where he must choose one of two
great highways—the right, leading to progress and happiness;
and the wrong, leading to retardation and sorrow. There exists
this eternal law that each human soul, through the choices he
makes, will shape his own destiny. Our success or failure, peace
or discontent, happiness or misery, depend on the choices we
make each day." "Thou Mayest Choose for Thyself",
Ensign, July 1973, 7

Some of the choices we make in life are heavy and tight seem to
weigh 10 pounds. Like the afghan, our choices start out to be
beautiful, but then choices we end up making become failures
leading us away from happiness and progress . The only way to
make my failure with the afghan into something beautiful was
the choice to change its shape by pulling it apart and starting over.
We can do the same thing in our lives by making the right choices
and changing. If we are going down the wrong path, we have the
choice to change. We can shape our lives for good. This reminds
me of a bookmark I have that reads "Why do I do what I do when
I know what I know"? Why do we do what we do when we know
what we know?


  1. Beautiful Blog! I love the colors.

  2. My husband is just the opposite! He can't understand why I will take apart something I've been crocheting, he thinks I'm the crazy one when I decide it's not working...Oh, well. Great blog!

  3. Nice analogy. Great post. Thanks, Mary!

  4. I really, really enjoyed this. The humor works brilliantly, and the animation is much better than I had imagined. The way you have “blended” (hehe) it all together makes this look like a solid, whole product, as good as any Pixar short. Probably better. But then again: That’s my opinion.
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