Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Special Memoral

Special Memorial
Today I put the finishing touches on the program for the Memorial Services of a very dear friend and brother in my ward.  When I moved into the Naples Ward 14 years ago he was the ward organist.  He had been the ward organist for years before I moved here.  He was one of the finest men I knew.  I learned many things from him over the years.  
He was a self-taught organist.  He could play with the best of them.  He was one of the most loved home teachers and was ever faithful in this duty whether he was sick or well.   He survived lung cancer as well as various other forms of cancer.  He was diabetic and suffered severe back problems.  He was hospitalized many, many times but never once complained.  He was always there for sacrament meeting.  He would have to leave after, but always there. Fast Sunday was never the same until you heard him bear his testimony.  When he was released as the ward organist, music was never quite the same.  He had a marvelous sense of humor.  His love and passion for the organ and piano filled the hearts of those who knew him and listened to his music.  His love for his wife was a love that was neverending and her love for him was returned in kind. His favorite verse comes from The Book of Enos verse 27-And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall rest. And I rejoice in the day when my mortal shall put on immortality, and shall stand before him; then shall I see his face with pleasure, and he will say unto me: Come unto me, ye blessed, there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father. Amen. 

He truly knew how to endure to the end.  Brother Fisher you will be loved and missed very much.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Princess Sisters


From Back of Book
What happens when you mix five modern teenagers with five fairytale princesses?  Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Snow White Princess are cousins (and best friends) stuck with names they are not too fond of…and now together they must face the challenge of getting ready for high school-a world where fitting in is definitely a must.  But how will they ever fit in when they’re destined to stand out?  Or, perhaps more importantly, how will their friendship ever survive when the five Princesses all set their minds on one Prince?  

A young mother “Princess” who loved fairytales told them to her four young “Princess” daughters as they were growing up.  Her favorite story was about her “Prince”, their father, whose last name was really Princess, had swept her off her feet and rode off with her into the sunset on the back of a moped.  Then one day her “Prince” turned into a toad and left her to raise her daughters alone.  When the mother Princess died, the daughters Princesses decided that in her honor they would name their babies if they were girls, after each of the Disney Princesses.   So where is the problem?  Their last name is Princess.  Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Snow White.  It’s enough that they have to be subject to unique first names, but to have the last name Princess. What were their mothers thinking of?   Not only that, but each has a personal secret/fear that only the cousins know about.  Now they were in high school.  Middle school had been hard enough, but high school was where they definitely had to fit in.  It was not going to be easy when a handsome young “Prince” moves in across the street they all like him and a vindictive young lady who doesn’t like them sets out to make their life in high school miserable.  How do they overcome these two obstacles and turn the tables on everyone?

When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t sure if I would like it.  It really isn’t the genre that I read.  I was really surprised.  The book is delightful.  It was refreshing and I enjoyed the interplay with each of the girls.  I love the closeness they have with each other.  It brought back memories of my high school days.  I really felt for Snow White.  I was shy and very uncertain of myself in high school.  I stayed to myself, was not outgoing, wished I was more like Belle.  They could be mad at each other, say what they wanted about each other, but heaven forbid someone else did.  I love the reference made in the book that says “they say before you find your prince, you’ll kiss a frog or two…”  It reminded me of the class I taught in Young Women on dating.  When the girls met Dave Prince each one fell for him.  Was he a Prince, a frog or a toad?  When they started high school, how were they going to live down not only their names, but the ugly stigmas found on the poster taped to their lockers?  How did the vindictive young woman who taped the poster to their lockers find out their own inner personal secret?  No one knew them but the cousins themselves.  How do they turn the tables and use the vindictiveness to their advantage? 
If you are looking for something that is a refreshingly good read and stays within moral standards then I recommend this book to all young women ages 12 to 112.   

I was provided this book for review at no compensation by Stacy Lynn Carroll.
Stacy can be reached at
To schedule book signings, interviews, , class visits,or any questions contact the author at

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jewel Adams Novels Summer Extravaganza

Summer Extravaganza
Stop by and join the celebration!
Enter drawing to win free books and other gifts!
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Date: Saturday, July 9
Time: 1-3 pm.
Jewel's Place
1416 North 3775 West
West Point
We'll See You There!

Jewel Adams Novels

Friday, June 24, 2011

My World is in the Sky

"My World is in the Sky" 
As I sat watching my 3 year old granddaughter playing the other day, she suddenly ran up to me and threw her arms around me and said, “Ganma, my world is in the sky”.  It quite took me by surprise.  Coming from a 3 year old what does that mean to her?  She is still close to her Heavenly Father.  Does it have something to do with her sweet spirit still having such a close relationship with Him or was it said in a moment of joyful playing?   I have had some time to think about it from my own perspective. “My world is in the sky” to me means the trials and tribulations that Heavenly Father gives me to help me grow spiritually.  Just when I think I am one step ahead of my trials, He gives me a new trial that sets me back two steps.  It can be frustrating, but I do know that He will not give me anything He doesn’t think I can't handle.  It not only tests my faith but helps my testimony to grow and causes me to develop a closer relationship with Him.  “My world is in the sky” means all the blessings I have been given.  The family that loves and supports me in all that I do; the daughter who has been rebaptized; the husband who has been granted reinstatement for rebaptism; the wonderful grandchildren that I have; the terrific son-in-law who is working so hard for his right to be in this country; for daughters who have served honorable missions; for the callings I have in the church; for the freedom to worship the true and living God; for the atonement of Jesus Christ; for the miracle of forgiveness; for the ability to be a celestial family;  for being able to serve others; for a testimony of the only true church on the face of the earth today; for a living prophet on the earth today who walks and talks with God.  Also for simple things like being able to read a bedtime story to my granddaughter, to sing her a song (her favorite is Book of Mormon Stories) or the Bird song (In the Leafy Treetops).  For having her sleep in my bed when she is scared at night.  For playing paddy cake with my 8 month old granddaughter, watching her crawl or spin on the floor, standing by herself for the first time. Talking with my 15 year old grandson about how computers work (not really my forte).  For being able to read, walk, or just live each day to its fullest.  “My world is in the sky”….my mansion above when the time is right and I hear my Savior say, “Well done thou good and faithful daughter”.
What does “My world is in the sky” mean to you?          

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Legacy 2011

Jewel Adams


North Carolina native, Cisely Matthews has seen and suffered much in her twenty-two years of life, and she has the scars to prove it. When amazing blessings come to her, she wonders if she will ever feel worthy enough to deserve them.

Australian-born Ingo Kelly is thrown for an emotional loop when he visits his aunt in Utah and meets Cisely for the first time. He falls for her hard and fast. But getting her to accept his love is a challenge he is more than willing to take on.

Adagio St. John is Ingo's best friend and the two are as close as brothers. When Adagio travels to Utah from his home in Italy to attend Ingo and Cicely’s wedding, he is overjoyed that his friend has found happiness with such an amazing woman. He hopes he can find the same happiness one day and end the loneliness he struggles with on a daily basis. There are prospects aplenty, but none of the shallow beauties can capture his heart.

When love does finally come to Adagio, will he allow himself to embrace it or continue to go it alone?

We are told that trials help to make us stronger, that we have to go through pain to really savor the experience of joy. I have known this for a long time, but I now know something else. The strength that comes from those trials is actually faith refined; the joy that comes after the pain, celestial favor.
Cisely St. John’s journal

Beautiful Cisely Matthews’life has been a life full of tragedy from the day she was born. She is raised by an alcoholic mother and an abusive father. She has feelings of loneliness and doubts her self-worth and this is only reinforced everyday of her life until age 12 by a father who daily physically and mentally abuses her.  Will her life ever change?  Will she ever find unconditional love?  Can she find her true worth?  Can she ever forgive herself?  Can she change the abusive and alcoholic cycle that seems to have become a part of her family?  Will a dream she has from a beautiful little boy help to change her life?  How does the sudden appearance of a young teenage girl on her doorstop help her?  What part does Jessica Kelly play in changingCisely’s life? Who is handsome Ingo Kelly and how does he play a part in Cisely’slife?  Then there’s Adagio St. John.  All have a significant part in helping Cisely in the transformation of her life.  All help her in going through the trials and tribulations of her past life and her present.  All help her in one way or another in proving her self-worth and learning what unconditional love really is.

Jewel Adams has written a wonderful book that has intertwined many story lines.  Just when you think you know where she is going with a story line, she fools you and the story takes an unexpected turn. You had better have a tissue box next to you also. There are several times in the story that you will cry.  Jewel has touched my heart in several places by hitting very close to home with more than one story line.  She has shown us how through trials and tribulations we can come to learn unconditional love and that it can help us learn to forgive not only ourselves but others as well, bring us joy, peace of mind and help us to find our own true self-worth.   

If you like a good clean LDS fiction with romance, I would recommend this book for young women and their mothers.

This book furnished by the author.
I have received no compensation for the reading and review of “The Legacy 2011” 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Cayman Summer: M+L FOREVER CONTEST AND BLOG TOUR: "Good morning everybody! We're kicking off a blog tour and contest to celebrate CAYMAN SUMMER and reminisce together about Michael and Leesie..."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

With a Chance of

Chloe Greene is a beautiful young woman who does not believe in God as such.  Her belief is in nature and meditation.  Rob Stevens is a "jack Mormon" who has lost all faith and belief in God when he loses his wife Pamela and son Robbie within 18 months of each other.  Edward Petersen is Rob's elderly home teacher who for years has patiently visited Rob each month.  Rob thinks he's a nuisance, but puts up with him.  Martha is Chloe's alcoholic mother who has a strong dislike for Mormons.  Ginger is Rob's sister who is also an alcoholic, whose secret from the past has made her a recluse and given her the desire to drink herself to death. Why?  Luke is the boyfriend from Chloe’s past that suddenly appears from nowhere and wants her back.  Can she trust him?

What brings this group of people together?  A foggy beach and someone who wants Rob dead, but why?  Learn how this group of people working together learn about prayer, faith, the Holy Ghost, peace, believing, Heavenly Father, trust in each other, celestial marriage and so much more.

Once I was able to sit down and really read this book, I couldn't put it down.  I would read one chapter and it would leave me wanting to read the next one until I looked up and it was 1am in the morning and I had finished the final chapter.  Who wanted Rob dead and why?  What secret was Ginger hiding?  Rob had to find the answer to both questions.  As he looked for the answer to these questions, he opened the door to find hidden secrets of others he loved and thought he could trust.  What are they?  Who are they?   G. G. has written a book that has intertwined so many story plots and has done it well.  If you like mystery, intrigue, terror, betrayal, then I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for young adults and up.  Well done G.G.

This book was furnished to me by publisher Deseret Book
I received no compensation for the review of this book.
This book may be purchased at

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alyana's Afghan

Let me start out by saying I am not a person who likes change. Have you ever read the book "Who Ate My Cheese" by John W. Nichols? Well in the book there is are two mice. One is always ready for change, the other resists it wholeheartedly. Well, I am of the latter version. I resist change with a passion. That said, let’s talk a little about change and choices.   "It looks tight and heavy. It looks like it weighs 10 pounds Why don’t you just tear it out and start over"? Was he out of his mind? Look at all the work I had just put into it. Did he really think I was going to tear it all out and start over? Change and choices. I was resisting even though I was not happy with the afghan and thought I could do better. But the thought stuck in the back of my mind and finally this morning after putting in another three rows, I tore the entire thing out and started over. It nearly killed me to make this choice. I began again by choosing a larger hook and another stitch. Both I had never used or done before. Tonight the afghan is beautiful and will be finished in another two days and even though I didn’t want to make the change, I am happy with the choices I made. Taking the afghan apart reminded me of the choices we make in life. 
President N. Eldon Tanner said: "One of God’s greatest gifts to man is freedom of choice . At an early period in the journey through life,
 man finds himself at a crossroad where he must choose one of two
great highways—the right, leading to progress and happiness;
and the wrong, leading to retardation and sorrow. There exists
this eternal law that each human soul, through the choices he
makes, will shape his own destiny. Our success or failure, peace
or discontent, happiness or misery, depend on the choices we
make each day." "Thou Mayest Choose for Thyself",
Ensign, July 1973, 7

Some of the choices we make in life are heavy and tight seem to
weigh 10 pounds. Like the afghan, our choices start out to be
beautiful, but then choices we end up making become failures
leading us away from happiness and progress . The only way to
make my failure with the afghan into something beautiful was
the choice to change its shape by pulling it apart and starting over.
We can do the same thing in our lives by making the right choices
and changing. If we are going down the wrong path, we have the
choice to change. We can shape our lives for good. This reminds
me of a bookmark I have that reads "Why do I do what I do when
I know what I know"? Why do we do what we do when we know
what we know?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

dFoods Global Food Freedom

You know they say tomorrow is going to be the end of the world. We have heard this over and over throughout the years. Remember the big Y2K scare? Yep, me too. While I think that we will probably see next week, there is something to be said for all of the Natural Disasters we have seen this year. Many of my friends have been directly affected by the tornadoes and floods just in the last month. I think Mother Nature has her undies in a wad and we haven’t see the last of her tantrum.
In saying all of that…what have you done to prepare yourself and your family in case of a disaster…of any kind?
It has weighed heavily on my mind lately.
eFoods is running a great special right now. They are offering 6 FREE meals to anyone, YES anyone, who will take their “FOOD FREEDON TOUR”. All you have to do is pay the shipping.
eFoods Global is a premier food reserve company in Utah. This isn’t your ordinary food storage or military-style MRE food. I have heard that the food tastes awesome! Their mantra is: SERVE, SAVE, SHARE. You can SERVE it tonight for dinner, SAVE it for future times of need, and SHARE it with others to help them get prepared.
Like I said, eFoods is currently offering 6 FREE meals to anyone who will take their “FOOD FREEDOM TOUR”. The tour is a series of 5 short videos illustrating why being prepared with food storage is important, and why eFoods is the obvious choice. The tour is located here: The 6 meals are FREE and customers are asked to pay $9.95 for shipping. Their primary objective is to get new customers to try their food, realize how good it is and to help us all get prepared in case of any emergency.
Pretty good deal if you ask me!

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