Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Sunday is a day of rest
Or so the saying goes
Whoever said this was possessed
And never went to church.

Sunday is a rest from labor
But not the work of God.
Sunday we serve our neighbor
Fulfilling the law of love.

We attend church services
So we can sacredly partake
The sacrament of Jesus Christ
Who died for all our sakes.

Then we have Sunday School
Where we learn “line upon line”
About the gospel’s holy truth
And prophets called of God.

Then we have the Priesthood
And Relief Society
Who together have understood
The need for unity.

Of course we can’t forget
Young Men and the Young Women
And our dear sweet Primary
“A little child shall lead them”.

Now we have focused on
The meetings required of us.
And now we are called upon
One more meeting to attend.

Bishopric-too early for them
Ward Council, Welfare Meeting 
Choir Practice to learn a new hymn
And Interviews to name but just a few.

Sunday a day of rest?
Not for one who serves the Lord.
The Sabbath day is when at our best
We labor harder than the rest.

Mary L. Walling 5/2011

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