Sunday, May 29, 2011

Free Food Storage? Quick! Save Mom’s Sanity!

2011 May 23

Are you Prepared?

NO. I’m NOT talking about the end of the world.
(Although the whole May 21st thing was really bizarre ??— I guess we survived tho, huh?)
I’m just talking about what to make for Dinner next Thursday night!


1. properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready: prepared for a hurricane.
Prepared for a Hurricane? Dude. I’m not prepared for Sunday Dinner!
Lately I don’t have time to come up with great menu ideas, (or make grocery lists in the first place…) And don’t get me started on why I’m tired of grocery shopping. Week after week it’s the same story. I am in the middle of the ridiculous Little League run-around. If I don’t have time to GET the bacon… believe me I don’t have time to cook it either!
Two of my 3 kids are in Little League right now. Crazy = 2 games per week minimum, sometimes an ‘extra’ practice thrown in for ‘fun’ and all of it times 2. While that’s a lot of trips down to the fields, you’d think at least ONCE their games would overlap at the same time right? WRONG. (PS. We still have piano practices, dance, and gymnastics in the mix for good measure!)
We eat a lot of frozen meals this time of year and honestly I’m not feeling like it’s the healthiest option. Once Little League is over I’ll make meatloaf and chicken pot pie and all sorts of homey comfort foods…
But right now? I simply need help!

What Do You Say To Free Food?

Nutritious food for free? Really? From eFoods Global. You say YES, thank you. And the best part? It’s all super fast to prepare.
(I’m thinking, prepare the meals around 2-ish before the kids are out of school and leave it in the crock pot warmed and ready for the 15 minute window between piano/gymnastics and yet again… another trip out to the Little League fields!)
Here’s how it works.
  • Click over to eFoods Global and Take the Freedom Tour.
  • Once you’ve learned about various ways to create food storage (and save your after school sanity!) you can order your free 6 meals! (Shipping and Handling is required)
This is a Broadcast Blogger post. eFoods Global sponsored this post. However, they had no idea I would be using my free meals to deal with our goodncrazy Little League schedule! I will receive 6 free eFoods meals (just like you can).
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