Saturday, May 28, 2011

eFood Global Food Freedom Tour

Food Storage

Hubby’s playing with the kids for a minute, so I’m posting my thoughts on Food Storage. I know people (yep, I know people) who are doing really well with food storage, it really motivates me. One of my favorite things about my Utah home is my cold storage room in my basement. Not only is it extra room, it’s cold room, ideal for food storage.
Food storage to me is more than just stocking up for a disaster, it’s about having that extra jar of peanut butter when I run out, or a “meal” waiting downstairs for when I haven’t time to plan or run to the store.
There are more than a few companies around who sell the pre-packaged food storage food and I have been curious. eFoods Global is a premier food reserve company in Utah. This isn't your ordinary food storage or military-style MRE food. This food tastes awesome! Trust me on this one. It is to-die-for delicious!
Their mantra is: SERVE, SAVE, SHARE. You can SERVE it tonight for dinner, SAVE it for future times of need, and SHARE it with others to help them get prepared. The foods have a 15-year shelf-life and include things like chili, beef stroganoff, chicken and rice, broccoli cheddar soup, corn bread, and many more.
eFoods is currently offering 6 FREE meals to anyone who will take their "FOOD FREEDOM TOUR". The tour is a series of 5 short videos illustrating why being prepared with food storage is important, and why eFoods is the obvious choice. The tour is located here: The 6 meals are FREE and customers are asked to pay $9.95 for shipping.
I have started watching the videos and will finish them. Six free meals and the chance to try a great product to add to my food storage is definitely worth the little time investment involved! If you watch and get free meals, let me know what you think. Do you have any favorites? What’s your “rotation” plan?
I’ll update after we’ve gotten our free meals and tried them out!
Disclosure: The links are sponsored by eFoods Global, but, as always, the thoughts and opinions are mine

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