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Free Food Storage? Quick! Save Mom’s Sanity!

2011 May 23

Are you Prepared?

NO. I’m NOT talking about the end of the world.
(Although the whole May 21st thing was really bizarre ??— I guess we survived tho, huh?)
I’m just talking about what to make for Dinner next Thursday night!


1. properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready: prepared for a hurricane.
Prepared for a Hurricane? Dude. I’m not prepared for Sunday Dinner!
Lately I don’t have time to come up with great menu ideas, (or make grocery lists in the first place…) And don’t get me started on why I’m tired of grocery shopping. Week after week it’s the same story. I am in the middle of the ridiculous Little League run-around. If I don’t have time to GET the bacon… believe me I don’t have time to cook it either!
Two of my 3 kids are in Little League right now. Crazy = 2 games per week minimum, sometimes an ‘extra’ practice thrown in for ‘fun’ and all of it times 2. While that’s a lot of trips down to the fields, you’d think at least ONCE their games would overlap at the same time right? WRONG. (PS. We still have piano practices, dance, and gymnastics in the mix for good measure!)
We eat a lot of frozen meals this time of year and honestly I’m not feeling like it’s the healthiest option. Once Little League is over I’ll make meatloaf and chicken pot pie and all sorts of homey comfort foods…
But right now? I simply need help!

What Do You Say To Free Food?

Nutritious food for free? Really? From eFoods Global. You say YES, thank you. And the best part? It’s all super fast to prepare.
(I’m thinking, prepare the meals around 2-ish before the kids are out of school and leave it in the crock pot warmed and ready for the 15 minute window between piano/gymnastics and yet again… another trip out to the Little League fields!)
Here’s how it works.
  • Click over to eFoods Global and Take the Freedom Tour.
  • Once you’ve learned about various ways to create food storage (and save your after school sanity!) you can order your free 6 meals! (Shipping and Handling is required)
This is a Broadcast Blogger post. eFoods Global sponsored this post. However, they had no idea I would be using my free meals to deal with our goodncrazy Little League schedule! I will receive 6 free eFoods meals (just like you can).
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flsongbyrd: KidSwitch

Flsongbyrd: KidSwitch


95th percentile is not so tall!

This is Banjo:
Banjo is 39 inches tall. That puts him in the 95th percentile for height at the age of 3. Pretty tall, eh? One would think so. But when it comes to turning on a light switch…
This is our light switch:
It’s 54 inches off the ground.
Not at all accessible for even a kiddo in the 95th percentile!
Enter the Kidswitch:

This is a nifty invention that gives children that added edge to independently be able to turn the lights off and on. With the KidSwitch a child won’t be afraid to enter his or her dark bedroom or the bathroom in the middle of the night. They can just simply turn on the lights without the need to stand on a dangerous stool! Kids just push up and pull down on the glow in the dark moon at the bottom of the KidSwitch. It’s just that easy and sooo very easy to install. I’m talking less than 5 minutes! All you have to do is remove the screws from your switch plate and while holding the plate in place you just hang the bracket over your existing switch. Then you use the specialty screws (that come with each KidSwitch ) to secure the plate back to the wall:

Yep that simple!
And viola! Banjo has a light switch that he can operate all on his own!
And that makes Banjo happy.
(Oh and ‘Night-Night Bear’ is happy, too!) :)
You can learn more about the greatness of the KidSwitch in this video, so be sure and check it out:

DISCLAIMER: My personal story and all text links has been sponsored by

eFood Global Food Freedom Tour

Random Act of Kindness

You know, I've always been terrible when it comes to food storage. I was raised with the belief that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared in case of an emergency. I mean look what's happening around us. Japan, Haiti, Chile, Thailand and right in our own backyard... Katrina! And most recently the horrible destruction the Super Outbreak of tornadoes in April left in its wake in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. I mean holy COW!

It's alarming I know... but don't get all freaked out! If we learn from the past we can be ready for the future. My Aunt and Cousins have always been an inspiration to me. They are so super good at having a food supply in their home. Large cans of wheat, flour, dry milk etc. And they are super mommies canning their own fruits and veggies. I am not quite of that caliber. I want something simple. Just add water, heat and POOF, deliciousness!

Also, my other downfall has been storage. All of my married life we've rented. (don't get me started on that!) and I really haven't had places to put these large containers of dried goods. But now we are in a place where I actually have a pantry that I can fill with all sorts of goodies. But I want something that is to-die-for-delicious! Something so good that if I have a busy day I can just grab and my family will enjoy it!

Yeah! Like That!

So, what if I knew of such a place? What kind of friend would I be if I didn't let you in on a little secret? A bad one right? I'm a pay it forward kind of gal. So I'm gonna let you in on a super cool hook-up! All you have to do is take a little tour -> HERE! and you get to try some yummy food storage! I did it and I'm so excited to share it with you. Now I'm totally motivated to get my family prepared!

And when you're done, PAY IT FORWARD to your friends and family! In these times of global uncertainty we should help each other be ready for whatever may come our way.

And do me a favor... leave me lots and lots of comments!!!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by eFoods Global.

eFood Global Food Freedom Tour

Food Storage

Hubby’s playing with the kids for a minute, so I’m posting my thoughts on Food Storage. I know people (yep, I know people) who are doing really well with food storage, it really motivates me. One of my favorite things about my Utah home is my cold storage room in my basement. Not only is it extra room, it’s cold room, ideal for food storage.
Food storage to me is more than just stocking up for a disaster, it’s about having that extra jar of peanut butter when I run out, or a “meal” waiting downstairs for when I haven’t time to plan or run to the store.
There are more than a few companies around who sell the pre-packaged food storage food and I have been curious. eFoods Global is a premier food reserve company in Utah. This isn't your ordinary food storage or military-style MRE food. This food tastes awesome! Trust me on this one. It is to-die-for delicious!
Their mantra is: SERVE, SAVE, SHARE. You can SERVE it tonight for dinner, SAVE it for future times of need, and SHARE it with others to help them get prepared. The foods have a 15-year shelf-life and include things like chili, beef stroganoff, chicken and rice, broccoli cheddar soup, corn bread, and many more.
eFoods is currently offering 6 FREE meals to anyone who will take their "FOOD FREEDOM TOUR". The tour is a series of 5 short videos illustrating why being prepared with food storage is important, and why eFoods is the obvious choice. The tour is located here: The 6 meals are FREE and customers are asked to pay $9.95 for shipping.
I have started watching the videos and will finish them. Six free meals and the chance to try a great product to add to my food storage is definitely worth the little time investment involved! If you watch and get free meals, let me know what you think. Do you have any favorites? What’s your “rotation” plan?
I’ll update after we’ve gotten our free meals and tried them out!
Disclosure: The links are sponsored by eFoods Global, but, as always, the thoughts and opinions are mine

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flsongbyrd: eFood Global Food Freedom Tour

Flsongbyrd: eFood Global Food Freedom Tour: "eFoods Global Food Freedom Tour Hey gang, I just earned 12 free meals for my food storage!!! Isn’t that great! All I did was take the ..."

eFood Global Food Freedom Tour

eFoods Global Food Freedom Tour
Hey gang,  I just earned 12 free meals for my food storage!!!  Isn’t that great!  All I did was take the virtual eFoods Global Freedom Tour, answer a few simple questions and I  earned 12 free meals.   The food looks great and all you have to do is add boiling water.  What a wonderful opportunity to get free food for your food storage.  So go to  or and find out more.


Saturday, May 7, 2011


JoAnn Arnold

“I have decided,” she commented to the universe, “that in reality we remain as children blessed with amazing perception.  The wisdom to see the beauty and the innocence to know the truth isn’t corrupted.  Instead, the perception of a child has to continually expand in order to provide the wisdom to repeatedly find beauty and to continually recognize the truth.
  “What we see as innocence is the protective of our virtue.  We make choices are good, some not so good.  If we listen to the innocence of our souls, we can never lose sight of the path that will return us to our Father in Heaven.  It all sounds so complicated, yet it’s all so simple.”
  The scriptures say we learn by our own experiences.  If that’s correct, which it is, and then each experience creates the opportunity for learning.

Calli, a less active member of the church, meets and marries the man of her dreams only to find out that he is not what he seems.  Anthony is charming and handsome.  He could charm the birds out of the trees.  But he doesn’t have Calli’s parents fooled.  He is controlling, devious and evil.  He wants to control Calli.

Calli learns this and that things are not what they seem.  She finds the journal of a young slave child and life is not the same for her.  She begins the “Journey of the Promise.”  where she learns about real love, true friendship and what prayer and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit can do.  She learns about what her true mission here on earth really is and promises she has made and only she can keep.
JoAnn has done a wonderful job of intertwining mystery, genealogy and the gospel into one.  I especially loved the parable of Ethan.  Reading one chapter made you want to continue reading the next and then the next.  The mystery of Calli’s journey will intrigue you and keep you wanting more.  I recommend this book to youth and adults.  Anyone who appreciates mystery, genealogy and the past.  Great job JoAnn!!!

Miracles For Michael
Journey of the Promise
Pages From the Past
The Silent Patriot
Prince Etcheon and the Secret
of the Ancient

Published by Horizon Publishers
Imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Sunday is a day of rest
Or so the saying goes
Whoever said this was possessed
And never went to church.

Sunday is a rest from labor
But not the work of God.
Sunday we serve our neighbor
Fulfilling the law of love.

We attend church services
So we can sacredly partake
The sacrament of Jesus Christ
Who died for all our sakes.

Then we have Sunday School
Where we learn “line upon line”
About the gospel’s holy truth
And prophets called of God.

Then we have the Priesthood
And Relief Society
Who together have understood
The need for unity.

Of course we can’t forget
Young Men and the Young Women
And our dear sweet Primary
“A little child shall lead them”.

Now we have focused on
The meetings required of us.
And now we are called upon
One more meeting to attend.

Bishopric-too early for them
Ward Council, Welfare Meeting 
Choir Practice to learn a new hymn
And Interviews to name but just a few.

Sunday a day of rest?
Not for one who serves the Lord.
The Sabbath day is when at our best
We labor harder than the rest.

Mary L. Walling 5/2011