Sunday, April 17, 2011


It is quiet and everyone is asleep.  As I listen to the quiet I think back on the day.  It has been a wonderful day.  It has been a sad day.  It has been a peaceful day.  It has been a blessed day. 
It was sad because I was released as the RS Secretary today.  I had served in this calling for two years.  I had finally come to love this 24/7 calling.  I loved serving the sisters and working with this young presidency.  I remember being told as I was set apart to “teach and lead” the sisters and thinking “me a secretary”.   I think I learned more than I taught.  I still have so much to learn.
It was sad as I turned everything over to the new secretary, a sister new to our ward, and immediately fell in love with her and knew she would do a great job.

It was happy because I received a new calling.  One that I know I will love because it will let me use my talents and creative abilities.  I am the new Ward Newsletter Specialist.  We have never had a ward newsletter and I am excited about this calling.  The Bishop told me that this calling has the “potential to reactivate our less active members and motivate“our all ready active members.  What a responsibility and I will do my best to fulfill this calling.

Wonderful, blessed and peaceful because I spent a wonderful morning worshipping the Lord with my entire family, taking the sacrament and knowing I was where the Lord wanted me to be.  I spent a wonderful time helping my husband prepare dinner and then a peaceful and wonderful time at the dinner table eating with my daughters and husband talking about the Sunday School lesson, my husband taking the missionary discussions for his reinstatement,  going to the temple next month when my son in law returns from Mexico and just joking and having fun.  No one was really anxious to leave the table.  We just sat there and talked.

 I could feel the spirit, peace, contentment and love in our home. What more could I ask for?  How more blessed could I be?

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day, Mary! You are an awesome person!!