Monday, April 25, 2011


I watched yesterday as my family came together to celebrate Easter.  We had just come home from church-a 3 hour block of meetings.  We entered the chapel, found the pew we wanted that would fit 7 adults, 4 children and a baby carrier along with all the paraphernalia that you take for 4 children, purses, scriptures, bags, etc.  We finally got settled in when one of my daughters decided we needed to change pews because the air conditioning vent was blowing right on us and she was cold.   So we all get up and move ONE row behind us only to find it’s colder than the one we were originally on.  She looks at us.  NO WAY!  We’re staying where we are at.  We make it though Sacrament, Sunday school and Relief Society/Priesthood/Primary and after helping the new RS secretary transition a little more into her new calling finally get home.  
We all change and get comfortable and finish preparing a not so traditional Easter dinner.  The kids have asked that we have breakfast for dinner.  They want fried potatoes with onions, ham and eggs.  Hookah.  After dinner, our middle child has prepared a wonderful Family Home Evening lesson on the Resurrection complete with an Easter egg hunt that has eggs containing items and scripture clues explaining the Resurrection that goes with a wonderful story about 19 second grade children leaving empty Easter eggs on the grave of a young boy in their class who has just died.  Our youngest daughter has prepared a treat in the kitchen that the children participate in which represents the Resurrection out of pastry dough, spices, and a white marshmallow.  Family Home Evening was perfect as it was suited for all ages.  After the lesson, we had traditional Easter with an egg hunt outside and picture taking and a little swimming.  It was the perfect day.  The spirit was there and the true meaning of Easter was celebrated and felt throughout the day while still having the Easter bunny visit as well.  What better way to celebrate the Sabbath, Easter and the Savior’s love?  

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