Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This thought came to mind as I watched my 5 month old granddaughter Emileigh sleeping by my side this morning.


She just recently came from Heavenly Father and my heart swells with so much love for her.  As I sit watching this sweet angel sleeping so peacefully, I can't help but wonder what she is dreaming.  Is she dreaming of the wonderful paradisiacal world she just left?  Is she visiting with Heavenly Father, or her elder brother Jesus Christ?  Is she visiting with her great-grandmother she will never meet here in this life?  What is she dreaming? 
When she is awake, smiling and laughing and cooing to me, is she trying to tell about what she has left behind?    I know she still has answers; could tell me so much and there is so much I want to know...so much I need to know.  Sweet little angel of mine what can you tell me?   

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  1. This is lovely, Mary. Being the grandmother of 17, I've experienced these same feelings. :)