Friday, April 22, 2011

The garden was in bloom
At the break of the day
As Mary approached the tomb
Only to find the stone had been rolled away
And Jesus body exhumed.

Mary turned from the tomb, eyes filled with tears
As the gardener appeared asking,”Woman why weepst thou”?
And she replied, “They have taken my Lord.  He is no longer here”.
 “Sir, doest thou know where His body lays now”?
She asked hoping that he could lay aside all her fears.

With a voice full of pure love and sweet tenderness
“Mary” was all that He said.
“Master”!  Was all that she could joyfully render.
He was alive!  Risen from the dead.
He was risen and death was conquered just as he had said.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011

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