Friday, April 15, 2011




"Ganma" came her sweet tiny small voice

If it just weren't three in the morning my heart would rejoice. :)

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


Awakening to a beautiful new day

Puts a smile in my heart as I am

Reminded of the blessings

I have been given because His

Love reigns from above.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


Croons, hums, softly sings, uttering low, murmuring sounds

As she fights her nap.

Aha, chortle, guffaw, snicker, giggle

Naptime is over.

She thinks she has pulled one over on you.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


"Sun has gone to sleep"

Sleepily she whispers as

Then she nods her head

Mary L. Walling 4/2011



God’s helping hands

Humble, steadfast and strong

Foundation of her heav’ly home


Mary L. Walling 4/2011



*Family, love*

*Joy, beauty, harmony*

*A heaven on earth*


Mary L. Walling 4/2011


I am determined and caring.

I wonder what Heaven is like.

I hear the needs and desires of my family and friends.

I see that I am not the person I used to be and still want to be.

I want to be able to serve and do as I was once able to do.

I am determined and caring.

I pretend that I am capable of receiving rather than giving.

I feel the pure love of Christ among my fellow brothers and sisters.

I touch the lives and hearts of others (hopefully) with my words, deeds, and actions.

I worry about not serving to the best of my abilities.

I cry when I have offended unintentionally others that I love.

I am determined and caring.

I understand the gospel is true.

I say “I know that my Redeemer lives”.

I dream of being an eternal family once again.

I try to let Kindness begin with me

I hope that I will always remember who I AM and who and what I represent.

I am determined and caring.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


If I were a monkey,

I’d be sitting in a tree and

I’d be eating a banana and

I’d be chattering away.

I’d be as happy as could be.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


If I were an instrument in the Lord’s hands

I’d be as busy as could be and

I’d be serving others who really needed me and

I’d be learning charity and the pure love of Christ

I’d be a true friend in someone else’s life.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


Spring looks like God’s rainbow promises.

Spring sounds like heavenly choirs singing.

Spring feels like being wrapped in the warmth of loving arms.

Spring smells like baby’s soft sweet breath.

Spring tastes like sunshine and happiness.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


There once was a man from Jerusalem

Followed by those who worshipped him

Miracles He performed

He rode the raging storm

He healed the sick and raised up the dead

“Father forgive them, forgive them”, he pled.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


For my two loving but impish granddaughters:

Emileigh conspires

With her sister Anai

I will nap right now

When I wake then it’s your turn

No rest for grandma today

Mary L. Walling 4/2011

This is my “Tanka” to someone who helped me out a lot today and didn’t complain once.

What a man he is

He vacuums the living room

Washes the dishes

Fixes dinner for us all

I call this man my sweetheart

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


The book I’m reading

Mysterious and haunting

Carries me forever into a world

Like something magical and ghostly

If only I could travel into the past.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


“I’m just a mom”, I sigh at the end of the day.

No one cares what I do or what I say

It doesn’t matter that I have cooked and cleaned and slaved all day

I’m still just a mom at the end of the day.

“Mum I love you” my granddaughter says

As she throws her arms around me.

“Dear, have I told you how much I love you today”?

Asks my loving honey.

“Mommy can I get you something?  Are you all right”

Questions my oldest girl.

Wait! I don’t understand what is happening

As my head begins to swirl.

What happened to “I’m just still a mom”

To those who love me I am mom, mommy, mother, dear

Mum, grandma, sweetheart, someone who’s calm

And suddenly it all becomes so clear

I hold the most sacred calling of all Motherhood.

Mary L. Walling 4/2011


What if I counted my blessings each day

I might be more thankful for all Lord has given me.

What if I were an angel

I could have the wish of mine heart.

What if I listened with an open mind and heart

I would hear the whisperings of the still small voice.

Will I hear “Well done thou good and faithful daughter’?

Mary L. Walling 4/2011

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