Monday, March 28, 2011


This blog was a tad too long and so with the advice of a dear sweet friend, I am going to break it into several segments, this being segment #1.   I would like to thank John Bushman for the inspiration for this blog.

Have you ever stopped to think about some of the strange, bizzare, weird, crazy observances there are?  I hadn't really until I started reading John S. Bushman's blogs.  He always posts strange and bizzare holidays at the end of his blog.  It reminded me of a patient that used to come into the doctor's office where I was working.  He was a professor at the Ave' Maria Univeristy.  He came in once a month for his chiropratic adjustment and before he left, he would make his next appointment.  His appointment couldn't be just any day though, it had to be on a day with some strange or weird holiday observance.  He always carried a little pocket calendar that he had penciled in some of these days on and whatever strange day struck his fancy, is the day we would make his appointment.  I
wasn't sure then if his bones needed adjusting or his mind.  Anyway, I got to thinking about this and found some strange, crazy and bizzare observances for April.  See what you think and let me know.

Frog Month-When number 1 daughter was little, the ward we lived in was out in the boonies.  There were tree frogs everywhere.  I would have to take her out into the foyer from time to time for reverence purposes and little tree frogs would be clinging to the glass doors of the chapel.  They not only thrilled her and kept her totally occupied, but she fell in love with them and they would keep her quiet for hours.  To this day at age 37, she collects frogs of any sort.  So sure, why not.  Let's celebrate Frog month if not to thank them for keeping small children quiet in the Lord's house, but for their beautiful sucky little feet. 
International Twit Award Month-Who doesn't have a twit in their life?  Aren't you glad that you do?  They may be goofy and strange, but they keep you laughing and grounded when all else seems to fall down around your ears.
National Pooper Scooper Week-Since we have cats I have a daughter who grudgingly grumbles as she pooper-scoops the cat box every day.  But don't you hate the neighbors who walk their humungous dogs (you know the ones you can ride horseback) on your front lawn and leave a mess for you to clean up so your sweet little angels won't play in it or just love the neighbor who walks along behind with a Publix bag in one hand and a WalMart bag over the other and cleans up behind their animal?  I know I do on both counts.
National Whistlers Week-When was the last time you tried to whistle?  I know my puckerer wore out years ago.  Now it's chapped and dry and my 3 year old granddaughter says. "Grandma, stop that hurts my ears".   I guess it's back to singing for me.  At least she can join in when we sing.  Her puckerer hasn't formed yet.  Should I be thankful right now or not?  
Grilled Cheese Month-Umm, Umm good, umm umm good, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and tomato soup are umm, umm good .  Now I could go for this.  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  What a great combination anytime, anywhere. 

Segment #2  next week

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  1. Cute post. I'm all for grilled cheese month. That sounds delicious!