Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jewel Adams

“The day we can look within ourselves and see our mortality,
yet feel the worth of our souls, the day we can look on others and see the goodness in them despite their weaknesses, the day we can say no to evil,
despite the evildoings of those around us, when we can cry with those who suffer, mourn with those who bear loss, and comfort those who cast your comfort aside, when we can see the good in each new day
and recognize the gifts that come with that day, when we can love with a pure heart, expecting nothing in return, and magnify our valiance to the fullest, the day we set aside the cares of the world and embrace every good thing with a singleness
of mind, heart, body, and soul, ever faithful, ever vigilant, doing all within our power to remain unchanged in all respects, on that day, we become more than mere men–we become gods and we live forever.”

Elina, strong and beautiful and pure, living in a desolate world of evil and wickedness.  Held captive, beaten and abused by the most evil of them all...Thenoch.  She escapes from Thenoch into a cold, uncaring and unfeeling world, but not before she has lost all trust and hope in her fellowman.  Just as she begins to feel all is lost, she is rescued by Nilan, an Inchant.  Will he be able to restore her trust in her fellowman?  Will he be able to give her hope again and help her fulfill her destiny? 

As I read this sequel to "The Journey",  I was reminded of so many hymns and songs that I love.  As I  read about Nilan and why he stayed behind after the war 10 years earlier, it reminded me of the hymn "Called to Serve Him".  I was also reminded of "You're Not Alone" by Michael McLean when Elina felt she was all alone in the world and no one cared for or was there for her.  There were so many others..."Have I Done Any Good in the World Today", "Love One Another", "Kindness Begins with Me", "Master the Tempest is Raging",  "Thy Will O Lord", "We Are Marching on to Glory"  just to name a few.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially if you have all ready read "The Journey".  It is a heart warming story that teaches a young woman about forgiveness, trust, compassion, courage, kindness and love for everyone no matter who or what they are and I think most importantly to have faith and courage in herself. 

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  1. Thanks, Mary! The paperback of this book will be out by fall:-)