Friday, March 11, 2011


Jewel Adams

"...simply put, your journey will be about choice. Just remember that every choice affects something or someone. Your very existence affects your surroundings. Your goal will be to change each thing you touch for the better. So always strive to choose wisely.”

Ciran, a beauty with emerald eyes, long, black wavy hair and golden skin was about to begin "The Journey".  A journey of choices that would test her in making choices that would not only effect her but those around her.  Would she make the right choices?

Jewel has written a beautiful book on decision making and the effects that our decisions have not only on ourselves, but the effect our decisions have on those around us.  We don't always realize that the choices we make in this life effect anyone else but ourselves.  But they do and the effects can be long term.  She helps us learn how there is safety, security, constancy and integrity in making the right choices, but most importantly that there is  unconditional love and forgiveness when we do make a poor choice and choose the wrong path.  "Exercise kindness, for it is the gateway to unconditional love. And as you give it, you shall receive it. He who possesses humility is teachable. Be teachable."

I love the cover of this book.  I noticed a pair of eyes in the background and wondered are these the eyes of those around us watching us in all that we do?  Are they the eyes of the Father watching over us while we are on this journey?  Or are they both?  In any case we are being watched and the choices we make are important.

This is definetly a must read book.  It will make you cry and smile with joy and warm your heart.  It will give you hope.   It is a wonderful lesson on the Atonement wrapped in a fantasy forum.  I recommend it to everyone. 

If [the Father] felt anything, it was sorrow for the lives that would be lost. Sorrow for those who chose to stay loyal to [Satan]. Sorrow for those who did not choose at all. Sorrow for what could have been. Sorrow for the ones whose eyes had now been opened only to discover that it is too late to turn back now.  

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  1. Thanks so much, Mary! I really appreciate your support and I'm so glad you enjoyed the story:-)