Sunday, March 13, 2011

FOR LOVE OF ANGEL by Jewel Adams

In your eyes I see all the wonders of the world, all the lifelong love a fathers' sewn for his not so little girl.
For the Father of us all has granted a special gift to me, He has blessed with the knowledge of forever.
My father you will always be. It's the love that's in your eyes I see.

Angel is the orphaned daughter of Shane and Emma who died tragically in an airplane crash when Angel was just one year old.  She was raised by her Aunt Elaine.  As she became older she met the missionaries and joined the church.  At the same time falling in love with Elder "Mitch".  Now she was going to Utah to go to college and to be with Mitch and hoped that he felt the same way about her.  However, there is more waiting for her there than she expects.  When she finally learns what it is, will she be able to forgive and love unconditionally?

Ian Crawford-a strange, sad and lonely man who owned the boarding house Angel would be staying at while she was going to college and a close friend of Mitch's.  He held a deep dark secret.  One that kept him from joining the church he knew was true.  What could be so terrible, so shameful that he felt unworthy of the blessings of the our Heavenly Father?

Mitch-the young and handsome missionary who not only converted Angel, but loved her with all his heart.  Does Angel feel the same way about him?  He only hopes and prays that she does.

This is by far one of the best books I've read by Jewel Adams so far.  I was unable to put it down.  I wanted to know from one chapter to the next what was going to happen.  Ian's secret , the pain he carries,  his own self-doubt, his love for Angel and Angel's instant bonding to Ian keeps you moving from chapter to chapter needing to know what will happen next.

This is a short read and I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance mixed with a little mystery, forgiveness of self and others and unconditional love.     


  1. is another story I want to read!! What a great review! And I LOVE romance mixed with mystery! Okay, need to get me a copy of this one for sure!


  2. Mary, Mary, Mary! I love you! Thanks so much for reviewing this. It was written long ago and is one of my favorite YA stories:-)