Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Of Blessings and Dreams The Legacy

"...my confident smile begins to fade as the haunting feelings that have become my companion most of the time slowly begin to resurface. I hate not being able to keep my thoughts in the present, and I wish with all my heart that I could rid myself of the negative feelings completely. If I could only forget the past and move on, if I could only believe that it doesn’t matter, that none of it matters. I hang my head and squeeze my eyes shut.  Please help me, Father, I silently pray. Help me to get over my past. Otherwise, how can I ever look to the future?"

Cisely is a beautiful young black woman with full lips, long dark auburn hair, and a "voice like silk to the ears".  She is also lonely and full of doubts about her self-worth.  Someone who has secrets to hide and and a father who repeatedly told her she was worthless and good for only one thing.  Then Jessica and Ingo come into her life.  Will they help make the changes in Cisely's life that she needs to find her self-worth?  Will they give her the love that she needs to make the choices to finally change her life?

I love the desciption of Jessica's house.  It is just like the house I have always wanted to live in.  The old fashioned house with the wrap around porch and the large rooms.  The kind of house my great-grandmothers used to live in.  I am drawn to the love Ingo has for Cisely, the patience, the kindness and caring.  There is real character in Cisely's family members.  I have met people like them before and Jewel is spot on with their judgemental and self-righteous attitudes.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.  It is a wonderful aid in learning about the atonement and about forgiving ourselves.  Take a journey with Cisely and learn "the Lord has a great and wonderful life prepared for you. And though you will still go through sorrow and great trials, you will one day come to experience joy unlike any you have ever known."

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