Saturday, January 29, 2011

Danielle Thorne

George Price-older brother lost at sea
Josette Price-tall, straight, dark, short dark hair, brown eyed,true to herself, open minded, tolerant and affectionate
Amy Price-younger sister-blonde, self-centered, spoiled, easily flattered, vital
Captain Phillip Carter-Was the child his? A tall handsome man with green eyes who was a  good friend of George Price's.  Is he in love with Amy or Josette?
Edward Price-inherits Beddingfield Park through entailment.  He is a socialite, womanizer, libertine.  Are his intentions honorable?
Caroline Berclair-red haired beauty and friend to Amy and Josette
Lady Berclair-Caroline's mother, seeming busybody, but is she really?
Beddingfield Park-The love of Josette's life

Danielle Thorne's descriptions of the homes, the color of flowers, the sun, the fields, etc are spot on.
At times I felt I was in the room with her characters. I felt as if I could see the gowns and all their beauty, smell the fresh air as Josette walked the grounds of Beddingfield Park.  I could feel the love Josette had for her home, but also felt her grow as she learned that "what mattered most was the pursuit of happiness.  Of finding someone to love.  To share life with."  And as she comes to understand that home is not a piece of land or an object but wherever you put your heart.


  1. Here is another book I have to read!! And I totally love this cover!


  2. Enjoyed the review and I'm looking forward to reading "Josette"