Saturday, January 29, 2011

Danielle Thorne

George Price-older brother lost at sea
Josette Price-tall, straight, dark, short dark hair, brown eyed,true to herself, open minded, tolerant and affectionate
Amy Price-younger sister-blonde, self-centered, spoiled, easily flattered, vital
Captain Phillip Carter-Was the child his? A tall handsome man with green eyes who was a  good friend of George Price's.  Is he in love with Amy or Josette?
Edward Price-inherits Beddingfield Park through entailment.  He is a socialite, womanizer, libertine.  Are his intentions honorable?
Caroline Berclair-red haired beauty and friend to Amy and Josette
Lady Berclair-Caroline's mother, seeming busybody, but is she really?
Beddingfield Park-The love of Josette's life

Danielle Thorne's descriptions of the homes, the color of flowers, the sun, the fields, etc are spot on.
At times I felt I was in the room with her characters. I felt as if I could see the gowns and all their beauty, smell the fresh air as Josette walked the grounds of Beddingfield Park.  I could feel the love Josette had for her home, but also felt her grow as she learned that "what mattered most was the pursuit of happiness.  Of finding someone to love.  To share life with."  And as she comes to understand that home is not a piece of land or an object but wherever you put your heart.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tears of Heaven

by Jewel Adams
 Heaven Gunderson, a young Swedish woman by heritage, who was abandoned by her father before she was born and by her mother who never really wanted her thirteen years later.  She was fortunate to find her way into the home of the Copeland family who raised and loved her as if she were one of their own.  Then she met Ross Townsend every girl's dream, every girl's but hers.  He soon became her nightmare...jealous, physically and mentally abusive, a walking time bomb.  How could she get out of this relationship?  How could she keep the one thing she still had left that was hers to keep?  Leave was the only answer.  Leave she did.  To her Swedish grandparents where she meets Sergei Petrenko, an older retired Russian hockey player who teaches her what true love and tenderness really are.  But can he protect her from the obsessed and pocessive Ross Townsend?
The description of the home Sergei lives in reminds me of the home I used to live in  when I was in France.  The french windows I grew to love and have in my own home today.  The beautiful gardens and gazebos I played in as a child.  The description of the small village, the bakery that Heather's grandparents owned reminded me of the one I used to go to for my mother brought back the wonderful smells of warm bread being baked.  I was even able to envision the open air markets we used to go to every Saturday as a family and if we were good getting a french ice cream on the way home.

I loved this book and I loved the way Jewel has allowed Heather to remain faithful to herself and what she believes in.  I recommend this book to everyone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Road Show

The Road Show (Paperback) by Braden Bell
by Braden Bell

 This is a must read. It is a story of a young man who is asked to direct a road show. He doesn't particularly want to do it as he has problems of his own to work out. He accepts the calling and as a result meets 4 other people with individual problems of their own, including an Elders Quorum President, the former Road Show Director, and an elderly sister in the ward, all of whom come to realize they need each other and learn from each other. Five individuals, five different kinds of atonement. You will love this book.

Monday, January 3, 2011

No Going Back by Jonathan Langford

I finished this book this morning at 6 while it was quiet.  I am truly impressed with it and I liked the ending.  I think for me towards the end during Paul's real trials with his being "outed" is when I really felt for him.  I think, no I know,  this is when I was brought to tears the most.  I love the references to Ether.  My favorite chapter in Ether is chapter 12.  When my husband finally decided after 14 years of excommunication to commit and come back to the church the Bishop suggested that he read Ether chapter 12.  He came home from that meeting and we sat down  and read it together and discussed it at length.  It has since become my source of strength when things get rough for me and I can never read it without finding something new.
 I also love Brother Schmidt.  Every ward needs a Brother Schmidt to bring us up short and make us realize our own shortcomings and help to humble us.  What is that hymn?  Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses by Eliza R. Snow.  I love the message.  It says it all in that one hymn.
 I also love the message the Bishop delivers to the scouts at the scout campout.  We are supposed to be a loving and caring people.  It still amazes me how many members of the church are not as loving and caring as the church teaches us to be.  How stiffnecked they are.
 The fact that Paul moves away at the end of the book, kind of symbolizes for me a new chance, a new beginning.  Like Christ gives each one of us and you have seemingly tied it in with Chad and Paul as each boy is blessing the sacrament...a renewing of our covenant each week with Christ.  When I had my surgery on my right leg my Bishop gave me a blessing and in that blessing told me to take the recovery time to study the Atonement and the scriptures.   I have been doing that ever since.  I have been reading everything and have learned so much that I didn't know before and have learned there are so many forms and ways of atonement for each one of us.  That Christ has atoned for us in more than one way.  You have shown yet another way, another form of atonement and that each one of us has our own burdens to carry, our own sins to atone for in one way or another.  We never know what burdens someone else carries so who are we to judge someone else when we can't even live our own lives the way we should?  
 I love the way Paul has made the decision from the beginning that he is a believing Mormon and has decided that he will follow the teachings of the gospel.  I know as a young girl, I decided not to date outside of the church.  When I was a senior in high school, I went against that principle and dated the most handsome boy I had ever met and fell madly in love with him.  The time came though when his parents found out that I was a Mormon(they were Catholic).  He had been going to church with me and to the youth activities and liked the youth and the activities.  When his parents found out, they were livid.  It didn't take long, when he gave me a choice.  It was him or my religion.  I would have married him in a heartbeat had he asked me, knowing I could convert him.  This was different though.  I knew even though I loved him, I would not give up my religion for him or anyone else.  Hurt?  Heartbreak?  Yes!  Regret?  Never!  But I learned that you stick to what you know is right.  I never dated outside of the church again.  I married a wonderful man in the temple several years later.  Yes, he has made some mistakes, but not anything we have not been able to work through.  The same with Paul, he has some real struggles to work through in his life, but he will be able to do it.  He has the Lord on his side and of having the gospel in his life and of having made the decision before hand of livng the gospel.   Thanks for writing this wonderful book. 

The Wishing Hour

I have just finished reading The Wishing Hour by Jewel Adams.  I have read several of her other books and have enjoyed them very much just as I have enjoyed The Wishing Hour.  It is well written and thought out. 
This story is about a young woman, Celine, who from the beginning of her life has been looked over and protected by a guardian angel, a protector, Sebastian.  She has a special mission to accomplish and in order to accomplish this mission she must be proctected and kept alive at all costs. It is while protecting Celine, that Sebastian falls in love with her.  However, there is a problem with the love Sebastian has for Celine and that's where the story takes you.  Celine will learn from Sebastian what unconditional love and trust are. She will learn that she is here for a special purpose.   Sebastian will teach her how blessed she is and that she is never to doubt her importance in this life and that the purpose of her life has been fixed since the beginning.  This is a book well worth the read as you yourself learn that "The One is with us. He knows what we are going through, and we will not be left alone."