Friday, February 8, 2013

Polar Shift


by Emily Mah
Kindle Edition, 22 pages
Published Feb 21, 2012
by Arcadia Publishing
Book Source: Bought
5 stars

Book Overview:
When Amber DeSoto sees northern lights on Ganymede, she knows something's wrong. No one will listen to an eighteen year old, though, even who's lived on Ganymede most of her life. But if anyone can survive the unexpected, it's Amber, and if the base commander won't listen to her, she might as well figure out how to save the base and its inhabitants on her own.

Mary's Review:
Amber DeSoto and Florian Schaumann were the youngest survivors of the worst space accident in history. As a result ended up as the poster children of
Ganymede and all other outer planets. Only Amber was not aware of this. All she knew was that Dr. Gunderson was always on her case. She felt that Gunderson was jealous of her because her mother who had been killed in the accident was a famous scientist and the former base commander. She just wanted to be left alone. She resented her new assignment and only wanted to be treated as the intelligent 18 year old that she was. When she realized that something was not right in space, she could not get the adults to listen to her. She finally had to take matters into her own hands.
Amanda learns a lot about herself, her abilities, while others learn that their age and knowledge doesn't always mean they are right.
I really enjoyed this short story. It is a YA science fiction and I recommend it for ages 13 and up.

About Author:
Emily Mah Tippetts writes science fiction and fantasy as Emily Mah and chick lit as E.M. Tippetts. Originally from New Mexico, she now lives in London with her family. She is a former attorney who specialized in contracts, real estate, and estate planning, with a specialty in literary estate planning.
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Recipe for a Doll

by Laura Huntwork
Kindle Edition
Published July 13, 2012
by Laura Huntwork
Book Source: Bought
4 1/2 stars

Book Description: Maggie is a curious child who is bored with her regular toys. Everything changes on Maggie's birthday when she takes a walk down her street. She finds a magical house and an eccentric lady with an unusual recipe. Maggie is amazed at what unfolds.

Mary's Review: A very colorful, fanciful, rhyming picture book finds little Maggie wishing for a magical world of toys to replace her boring and plain toys. Then on her 9th birthday her wish comes true. She meets a strange but wonderful little old lady who leads her into a world of magic dolls. This magic brings new meaning to the word recipe. A delightful story for all little girls who love dolls.

The illustrations are bright and colorful and certainly kept the attention of my granddaughters.

I recommend this book for ages 4-10.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Children's Ebook Review-The Naughtiest Princess

The Naughtiest Princess
by Lily Lexington
Kindle Edition, 20 pages
Published 2012
by Lily Lexington
Book Source: Bought
4 1/2 stars

Book Description
From the Best Selling Author of Lola The Mermaid and The Splish Splash Olympics and My Dinosaur is Scared of Vegetables comes a new children's story that will delight your child.
Princess Penelope Dewdrop Higginbottom-Roberts, (or Penny for short) is the naughtiest Princess in the kingdom. One day after mailing the Queen's corgi to the North Pole, Father Christmas and the Queen decide to do something to mend her errant ways..

Mary's Review:
Princess Penelope Dewdrop Higginbottom-Roberts (Penny for short) was the naughtiest princess of all because she was the youngest child in her family. They loved her soooo much and spoiled her. Because of this she thought she could do anything and have anything she wanted. Well, when she mails her mother's dog the North Pole, her mother decides that Penny has to be taught a lesson she will never forget. 
Come read along and see what Penny's mother does and what Penny has to do in order to learn that being good and being nice is the best thing ever,.
Great illustrations that are very colorful and could tell the story by them self.

I recommend this book for ages 4-10.

About The Author:
As a girl Lily often turned to her imagination for fun escaping into a magical world of excitement and adventure.
These days she is a quirky mother of three that is often seen walking around the house singing rhymes to herself. She loves her 3 children tremendously and her stories were inspired by them. Find all of her books here.

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Children's Ebook Review- Cute As A Bug

Cute As A Bug
by Jackie Jeffrey
Kindle Edition: 22 pages
Published March 24, 2012
by Jackie Jeffrey
Book Source: Bought
4 1/2 stars
Book Description:
     Cute as a Bug Count with Me 1, 2, 3 is a book for children ages baby to 4 years old. This book teaches the numbers one through ten. See the ladybugs, ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles and more. The creative illustrations of little bugs in the garden make this book fun and educational. Your child will learn important concepts such as number and word recognition. You will have fun practicing basic counting skills with your baby, toddler, or preschooler.
Mary's Review:
     A delightful counting book full of colorful insects to count. It is not only fun to read, but teaches children to count, teaches them their colors and what different insects look like.
     The illustrations are fun and cute.
     I recommend this book for children ages 4-6.
The Author:
      Jackie Jeffrey is a musician, librarian, and educator. She has a been instructing and creating educational materials for children and adults throughout her career. A child's discovery of the world through books of all kinds is so fundamental to engaged learning later in life. Most of all, her goal as an author is to celebrate the wonder and fun of sharing a book with your little one. Jackie holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Learning and Biopsychology and a minor in Anthropology with emphasis in Primatology. She holds a Master's degree in Information and Library Science.

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